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Programs randomly freezing

  johndrew 12:21 18 Sep 2011

Something I have not seen in these Forums or experienced.

In the past three days I have had various programs freeze (Not Responding) for no apparent reason. They include Firefox, Outlook Express and Malwarebytes; this latter during an update, the others during normal use.

The only updates I have done recently are those to update my AV and anti-malware, Microsoft monthly updates and Firefox to 3.6.22.

I have carried out full scans for infections with nothing being found by AVG, Sptbot S&D, Spyware Terminator and Malwarebytes. Additionally the usual MS Removal Tool scan which was carried out during the recent update process showed nothing.

I have seen no similar reports but have no idea of the cause unless it is CMOS battery - but my clock is fine.

Can anyone offer any suggestion as to the cause or has anyone else experience this problem.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  johndrew 13:09 18 Sep 2011

Thanks for coming back.

I avoided FF 6.0.2 as many of the Add-on I use are not compatible with it.

I have checked drivers and they are all fine.

The PC is 'clean' I vacuum it once a year in the spring. I also use Everest Home for checking temperatures/fans etc. and they are all fine.

Will try flushing, it could possibly be that - I'll let you know.

AVG is V 9 - I couldn't get 2011 to install and think it likely 2012 will be the same :-))

I have had the same anti-malware for 5+ years so feel it unlikely that it may be this. Only one is active - Spyware Terminator - the others are used for scanning.

I have 106GB free space and only <1GB of RAM in use - 2GB installed.

HDD is relatively new and I am wary of running CHKDSK at the moment although it is only programs that freeze - I can (generally) use the remainder of the PC including other software.

I should add the only other thing I have found is a single entry in the Event Viewer (Applications) for database corruption in 'ESENT' - not sure what that is, am investigating.

  johndrew 13:15 18 Sep 2011

'ESENT error 1032' appears to exist because I have Automaic Updates selected to 'Notify' only - so not that!!

  johndrew 15:55 19 Sep 2011

I went back to Firefox V3.6.21 and used the ipconfig /flushdns command. For the past few hours things have functioned as they used to; hopefully one or the other actions has resolved the problem (touches wood quickly).

I'll leave this open for a further 48 hours or so in case things are currently hidden and arise later. Keeping my fingers crossed.

As an aside, I tried Fix it some while ago and was far from impressed. I found that using a bit of logic, retracing my steps and doing a bit of Googling to be more effective.

  johndrew 10:05 21 Sep 2011

All very odd.

I attempted a quick scan using Malwarebytes. The scan ran for 1 min. 24 secs and then the software (indicated in Task Manager) stopped responding. CPU usage was 0% with plenty of RAM left and nothing else was running. Everything else on the PC appeared to function as advertised.

I restarted the PC and ran the scan again; it completed with no problem.

Any suggestions?

  johndrew 09:54 23 Sep 2011

^ No?

  lotvic 11:38 23 Sep 2011

"only <1GB of RAM in use - 2GB installed"

can you explain further what you mean by that

  johndrew 11:38 23 Sep 2011

Thanks for coming back buteman.

Yes, both date and time are stable.

My information on the "0%" wasn't very clear - I was referring to Malwarebytes usage, it should have been much higher when running. System idle is around 97% with nothing else running.

Tried sfc /scannow it didn't seem to find a problem and doesn't appear to have changed anything.

I update Windows manually and have done so for ages. I leave the updates facility on 'notify me ..' only, it downloads nothing without my action.

I checked the DNS Client and it is set to 'Automatic'. Though given the freezing occurs on or offline I doubt it has anything to do with this.

There is nothing else I can think of to do or check - I guess you are at about the same point? I really don't want to get into a full reinstall with all that it involves.

All a bit strange really.

  johndrew 17:17 23 Sep 2011


I have 2GB RAM installed, but at any time Task Manager shows well less than 1GB in use; like now I have 845MB in use.


Not as yet. But given the random manner of the problem (it just froze Word and Firefox again) is it likely? I can go for some considerable time with no problem and then get it on random programs with every thing else fully functional.

  johndrew 10:11 24 Sep 2011

I think it may be hardware but there is no clear indication as to what.

As I mentioned I use Everest Home to keep an eye on temperatures and fans and all appears normal - unless the sensors are incorrect.

I ran MemTest last evening for a couple of hours and all appeared as I would have expected there.

Perhaps I'll have the case apart today and remove/refit connections, boards, Ram and check for anything untoward.

  lotvic 10:32 24 Sep 2011

Maybe the %temp% folder could do with emptying and the harddrive needs defragging.

Start | Run | %temp% | press OK and have a look to see how full it is

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