programs not running

  beefchilli 23:57 22 Oct 2004

i'm running xp, and evey time after windows has started up i try to open programs like outlook then the hourglass next to the pointer just turns once and nothing else happens, i try ctrl alt-del but same thing happens, then maybe after 5-10min the programs would just start running that i tried to open. happens after restart, when i switch it on or out of hybernation. please help

  THE TERMINATOR 00:33 23 Oct 2004

when you click on the program to start, does it show in task manager as running, and if so is the program set to start minimised....T

  beefchilli 10:21 23 Oct 2004

the thing is i cant even get task manager running too see waht is going on. nothing works for a while then al of a suden all the programs just start running as if on a delay.

  THE TERMINATOR 11:47 23 Oct 2004

Have you defragmented your drive recently? It doesn't help if parts of programs are scattered all over your drive, and could be the culprit to slowdown....T

  THE TERMINATOR 11:58 23 Oct 2004

Have you always had this prob, or has it started recently? Have you installed any programs since it was ok? Does it happen only at startup or are they delayed all the time. If it only happens at startup have you checked your startup program list to see what is launching at startup. Goto RUN and type " msconfig "(without the brackets) and check what is launching at startup, there maybe a program trying to get on the web and so delaying the start of your programs....T

  jack 12:20 23 Oct 2004

Try a full 'cleanup sequence'

If you have Norton/Ashampoo or any other Windows check and Disk check utility set give them a run through [Ashampoo has been on a PCA coverdisk in the not too far distant past or try a download [do a google to find]
aother thig tocheck out is the amount of programs you have loaded. The more you have the more it takes to get them sorted on startup.
The best mosr efficant computer have onlt the programs need for regular use.
If havn't used for some time -get rid.
And of course last but not least RAM - how much have you?
Then see what happens and report back

  beefchilli 01:37 24 Oct 2004

thanx for the help

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