programs (MS Office) are now very slow

  mags100 11:17 08 Aug 2003

The MS Office programs on my PC are now very slow to start, to save, and especially to close. I work with several windows open for different office programs with several spreadsheets on the go, each new spreadsheet now takes an age to initiate or close (after saving).
This I think happened suddenly a couple of months back and is getting worse.
I have reloaded MS Office 97 pro, reloaded MS Win98se, regular defrags, scandisc, emptyied temp files etc. Have McAfee antivirus.
PC is AMD (I think 800mhz), 256mb RAM, system resourses are regularly down to 45 or 50%, with only 3gb used on 20gb HD. I use it daily for work purposes. Help

  JIM 12:09 08 Aug 2003

Only a thought.

Have you tried it in safe mode and see if the same thing happens.

If not, go to start run type in msconfig and remove everything but systray from the startup. Reboot and see if that helps. If that be the case, add one item from startup at a time to find a poss,program culprit if there is one.

  wee eddie 20:40 08 Aug 2003

With the number of windows you say you have open. There is a strong likelihood that as the RAM space is fully utilised, the HDD is being heavily used as a swap-file(I think that that is the correct term) and if there is little spare space on the HDD. Such a slow down would appear logical.

  Ironman556 21:19 08 Aug 2003

If, as suggested above, you're running out of RAM, try putting another 128MB or 256MB into your PC.

RAM's getting quite cheap now and you can gain a good performance boost. I, like you, work with a few windows open at once, and putting a 256MB module with my existing 128MB module improved system stability and speed in one go.

  mags100 11:56 18 Aug 2003

thanks for advice
but problem seems to be spreading to other programs/software and Excel is getting worse (in just using any of the file commands)
I have deleted various unwanted items or unneeded items from start menu (as per Pacman's portal webpage) though I have not tried running Excel in safemode (didn't know you could).
I already have 256mb (probably only pc133)and use a tiny fraction of hard drive.
Would reloading McAfee antivirus from stored files on my PC after the year's usage have any bearing on the matter?)

  jazzypop 12:31 18 Aug 2003

You seem to have some sort of 'resource hog' running, that is taking up large amounts of RAM or system resources.

Following JIM's advice will help identify any culprit that is set to auto-run.

The only way to know with regard to McAfee is to uninstall it. Is the £25 you save by bypassing the re-subscription worth the hassle?

  Djohn 13:19 18 Aug 2003

Following on from jazzypop's comment. Is your anti-virus up to date, and have you done a full scan for virus?

  Lozzy 13:33 18 Aug 2003

Just a thought in addition to what everyone else has said above, search for re name it to normal.old close office down then re open. You should see a marked improvement.

  mags100 15:55 21 Aug 2003

tried changing '' to '.old', sorry but so far no real difference, perhpas if i reboot.
Have not as yet looked for the resource hogger but definately think there is one as have been running 'system monitor' which keeps putting kernal usage up at 100% mostly when using MS office, (which I have now uninstalled and reinstalled), use an excel template which I created with the wizard which is incredibly slow. Also got the 'file system read' (up at 40% whilst making these notes) and 'file system write' (at 5%)visible which give serious peaks.
Antivirus is up-to-date and have run full scans, though have now disabled background scanning, also got 'zonealarm' running incase I was being hacked.
Further to Jazzypop's comment 25quid is a lot when you only take home 22euros for a full days work!!

  Ben Avery 16:09 21 Aug 2003

You mentioned that you "use an excel template which I created with the wizard which is incredibly slow"

Has this template got any graphics on it etc?

Only reason I ask is that I have known people to insert pictures/logo's etc which are incredibly lage files and have shrunk them down INSIDE the program, which, of course, doesn't make the files any smaller and takes a long time to work in.

If not, then sorry!


  wee eddie 18:13 21 Aug 2003

You have said you have several programs open at any one time, but from what you are saying you also have several Files open as well.

Make a quick list of the Files that you keep open on a regular basis. Right Click each and check it's Properties, then add up the size of these files.

There-by may lie your problem. Possibly your RAM is being hogged by them.

We had a situation, last week, where someone was having trouble printing a document with 2 pictures in it. It turned out that they were both .bmp's and had a combined size of 30Mg. Yes that's right - 30Mg, thats bigger than my HDD.

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