Programs menu, alphabetic order

  Udder 19:25 22 Nov 2004

windows 98se p111 600mhz
Still have old problem. My list of programs is all over the place, can anyone tell me how to get it into alphabetical order ? I've tried right clicking in a blank space to invoke the Arange Icons menue but nothing happens.
The right click works fine when used to arrange the Start menue progs.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:56 22 Nov 2004

I'm on XP but this might work, click on Programs list to open the list then right click on one of the Program Names, BUT NOT a folder icon, and choose- sort by name

  Wak 21:09 22 Nov 2004

In Win 98SE, go to START/Programs and right click on the extended menu then select SORT BY NAME.
You can also click on a program name and drag it up and down the list then drop it to suit yourself.
Incidentally, I would respectfully suggest that you stick to the same posting instead of starting another one as it only confuses people when they only see a reply and no question or problem.

  Wak 21:16 22 Nov 2004

We could be at cross purposes here.
Do you wish to put your programs on the Start menu in alphabetical order or do you wish to put your icons on the desk top in alphabetical order??

Right clicking on the desk top will allow you to align your icons (in straight lines) or arrange them by name or type, etc.

  Udder 20:12 23 Nov 2004

thanks for your response, point taken!
Clicking on extended menu does not work,and cannot click and drag.
The problem progs list is the one that appears after clicking Start, Programs .

  SEASHANTY 20:24 23 Nov 2004

Select START > All Programs then right click on one of the programmes showing the most common icon. Right Click on the actual icon and then select sort by name. This will arrange all programmes with this common icon into alphabetical order. It will not, however, sort the programmes showing their own special icon.

  Wak 23:09 23 Nov 2004

In my Win 98SE when I go to Start/ click on Programs/ right click anywhere on extended program and then choose "sort by name" it puts all the folders and programs with the black triangle in alphabetical order at the top of the list and those without the black triangle remain at the bottom but still in order.
I can also left click on any of the folder/ programs and drag them up and down the list, dropping them where required.
If you are not able to do this then either you have a problem or I have been specially blessed by Bill Gates.

  Udder 21:31 25 Nov 2004

Your right about me having a problem. I'm working on the assumption that I've a file missing or corrupt, but what it is only Mr Gates knows ?
My thanks again for your efforts.

  Wak 23:02 25 Nov 2004

Have you tried repairing your browser??
Go to Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System Information/ Tools and click the first item in the drop down menu (internet explorer repair tool)
This is used by both Internet and Windows Explorer.
It also repairs your Outlook Express.
You could also go to Start/ Run type SFC in the box and click OK.
This will repair or replace your System files.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 01:43 14 Dec 2004

I have seen a similar question just of late and I believe the order problem was resolved by changing the start menu to classic style, or the other way round, give that a go.

  Udder 16:53 16 Dec 2004

Many thamks for your assist. Unfortunately [email protected] work.

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