Programs Hanging in Windows Xp

  Mat2 17:14 29 Nov 2003

Hi Folks

I hope someone can help me with a puzzle on my fathers computer, lately the following programs seem to hang and a regular basis. The programs are Explorer.exe, wmplayer.exe iexplorer.exe. Xp is all up to date with the updates and service packs. He Has run Adware6 ,Spybot aswell and defrag the hard drives and he also has no virus

The Spec: AMD Duron 800mhz, cd rom & Writer, 20 & 40GB HDD, Jetway V266b Motherboard, 768mb Sdram, 64MB Vid, Creative SoundCard.

Any insight would be greatly recieved


Tried to do a repair in XP? Doesnt remove your setting's, just re-install's all the program's back. The only thing you would then have to do is to re-install the Service pack's.

  Mat2 17:30 29 Nov 2003

Hi Pilch from

Thanks for your reply.I will tell my father to try your suggestion.

Many Thanks


  Mat2 17:41 30 Nov 2003

Hi Folks

After reinstalling XP has suggested by Pilch from thanks again, the problem seamed to be still there. But now when you log off the internet and return to the desktop a faint outline of possibly a program seam to still be running but there is no name on the toolbar, what ever program is running he get 100% cpu usage constantly. Another thing when you log on to the internet through his provider which is AOL, MSM Messenger starts receiving messages but it's options for that are untick and XP has been told not to load it, this was done using msconfig and the startup settings. Could this have some thing to do with the explorer.exe, wmplayer.exe and iexplorer or is just that there is not enough proccessing power for all this to run at once.


  Mat2 16:20 02 Dec 2003

Hi Folks

The problem turned out to be another MSN Messenger running in the background. To cure the problem we re formatted the hard drive and re install the pc.


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