Programs crashing with module 'hungapp' causing it

  Jonty-comp 19:42 05 Jan 2006


I've recently been experiencing problems with my Win XP Pro SP1 PC, namely almost every program I use crashes, with the in-use module 'hungapp'. I have no idea what 'hungapp' is and internet searches have not revealed much. Most programs crash when trying to access My Computer, or something that lists all the drives, except for Winamp, which crashes when I click 'Add New Media to the Library'.

I am in the process of running a full AVG scan, and when that's done I'll run Spybot also. It might be worth mentioning that I caught the IRC/BackDoor.SdBot virus the other day but AVG sucessfully removed it.

Please help, as I can hardly use my PC until this is fixed!

  Skyver 19:59 05 Jan 2006

I don't think hungapp is a program itself, it appears to be a part of Windows that deals with applications that hang or crash due to problems of their own. Do the same problems present themselves when you boot in safe mode? Do you have a specific reason for not upgrading to SP2? Can you do a diskcheck? startmenu/run, type `chkdsk c:` assuming c: is your boot drive.

  Jonty-comp 20:19 05 Jan 2006

- Do the same problems present themselves when you boot in safe mode?

I'll have to check that later...

- Do you have a specific reason for not upgrading to SP2?

Well... not really, it just makes my PC slower and the firewall annoys me bearing in mind I already have a perfectly good firewall...

- Can you do a diskcheck?

Yes, but I don't know whether it fixed anything; the command window disappeared before I could read it...

  Jonty-comp 21:43 06 Jan 2006

OK, it still happens in safe mode, and when I select 'Last Known Good Configuration' at boot-up. I tried doing a System Restore, but it just spends ages 'Restoring Files', then restarts and says that the restoration could not be completed. Might this have something to do with the fact that I also use Ubuntu Linux, and use GRUB to choose OSes?

It seems my only option left is to reinstall Windows over the top of the existing one and then set up GRUb again...

  Skyver 21:52 06 Jan 2006

It's possible the Linux partition(s) are giving Windows some problems, I tend to use live CDs so I couldn't say for sure.

  Jonty-comp 11:11 07 Jan 2006

It always used to work when I had Debian linux, but I bought a new Hard Disk as my Christmas present, and it's been happening since about a week after I set it up. One thing i've noticed is that programs that don't use Windows' GUI for opening files don't seem to be affected. For instance, I could open and save files as normal in the GIMP.

I also forgot to mention that I also ran 'sfc /scannow' and it didn't pick up anything bad, and that I can't use Task Manager either, seeing as when I press Ctrl+alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc nothing happens except a small icon appears in the taskbar called 'Task Manager'.

It seems more and more like a virus has had a chance to do some damage before AVG cleaned it.

  Jonty-comp 17:54 07 Jan 2006

Problem solved- I did an over-the-top install of XP SP2 (I integrated the XPSP1 CD with the SP2 CD files)

Thanks for your help, anyways!

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