Programmes slow to load since installing WinXP

  fudge 20:38 27 Aug 2006

I've installed Win XP SP2 over Win ME. I've updated all relevant drivers and re-installed software as necessary. Initially everything was fine but gradually over the last few weeks certain programmes have been very slow to load, in particular Firefox, Thunderbird and any Open Office programmes. Firefox in particular can take anything up to a minute to open. Other programmes are also noticeably slower to open.

However, in all cases once the programme is open it downloads or processes info at normal speeds, it's just so slow to load. They are much slower than with Win ME and I've actually reduced the number of programmes since the upgrade.

I'm running Avast Anti-virus and regularly use Ad-aware and Spy-bot, none of which show up anything suspicious. I defrag regularly and have run scan disc but nothing gets it back to how it was when XP was first installed.

System is AMD 1.34Ghz, 256Mb Ram, 80Gb H/d.

Any ideas why things are now so slow to open?

  SANTOS7 20:42 27 Aug 2006

There is a suggestion you need to defrag after SP2 install, 256Mb memory NOT ENOUGH an upgade in memory will almost certainly speed things up a bit..

  woodchip 20:45 27 Aug 2006

Your Hardware, While it will run XP it's not all that good, Plus check what Free Disc space you have got. You may need to reduce the amount of disc space System restore is using, set it to 7% of drive C:\ turn it off for other drives it's not needed

  fudge 20:53 27 Aug 2006

Thanks, I did wonder whether I ought to upgrade memory, but why should it be alright initially but not now, I'm not running any more programmes. As far as hard drive goes I've still got 68Gb spare capacity.

  woodchip 21:56 27 Aug 2006

Do a Disc Clean and Defrag to start with see if it makes a difference

  ed-0 22:08 27 Aug 2006

With 256Mb of physical memory, your virtual memory ( paging file ) will be small. With 68GB of spare hard drive space, I would increase your virtual memory.

Start > control panel > system > advanced > performance > advanced > vitual memory > change. Put 1500 for initial size and 1500 for max. click here Pick set , ok and ok.

It will need to reboot.

See if that opens progs a bit faster till you can get some more memory.

  fudge 22:44 27 Aug 2006

I've regularly run Disc Clean and Defrag but it makes no difference.

Ed-0, I've done what you suggest but that makes no difference either.

But why should any of this make a difference anyway when I'm running everything the same as when I installed XP and for the first few weeks the speed was excellent. Like I said earlier I'm quite thorough with maintenance and house keeping so everything is in good order. Why would 256Mb be OK a few weeks ago but not now? I'm baffled!

  woodchip 22:55 27 Aug 2006

XP gathers a lot of dross as it keeps running. Check the System restore is only set to 7% of drive C:\ and Other drives partitions have restore disabled. You may think of changing your AV as if it's running that will slow or stop your computer with only the memory etc like yours. It does it with better setup than yours with some AV's. What are you running? and Check on Disc activity

  woodchip 22:55 27 Aug 2006

Even AV updates can make it run slow

  daba 02:08 28 Aug 2006

..XP uses more of your memory than previous windows versions. In fact I'm told it uses HALF your memory for itself (greedy or what!)

256Mb is on the fringe even for W2K or ME

Upgrade your memory to at leaat 1GB is my recommendation

  fudge 09:03 28 Aug 2006

Sound like I need to upgrade memory first. Funny thing is I thought the previous setup was running with 512Mb so it may be one card has packed up or come loose or something.

Can't remember if it was this PC or my old laptop that was upgraded a while back so I'll have to open the case and see how much is physically there, because if one has packed up that would obviously account for the change in performance. Should have thought of that first!

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