Programmes or programs

  [DELETED] 19:17 01 Sep 2003

How should we be spelling this word these days?
The English or American way?
I'm a bit stumped as to what's acceptable, but I noticed that I'm tending to use the American 'programs' more often.

  [DELETED] 19:19 01 Sep 2003

Convention is to use "program" for computer software but otherwise "programme" e.g. TV programme, programme of work etc.

  Stuartli 19:19 01 Sep 2003

Programmes are what you have on radio, TV etc - programs are for computers and it is standard usage in the UK.

  Stuartli 19:20 01 Sep 2003


  [DELETED] 10:33 02 Sep 2003

Much as I don't like the convention we seem to have adopted the AE way, but please don't resort to Favorites instead of Favourites. Have you noticed that they are still Compact Discs?

  [DELETED] 11:48 02 Sep 2003

They're not favourite*/favorite* with me.

*Delete as applicable.

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