Programme installation in Two Hard Drives System?

  Shahid Hameed 00:59 11 Jul 2007

Could you please help me with this problem?

My system has two seperate hard drives
1: (Default)C: 6.5G -windows XP & couple of other programmes installed.

2: F: 40G(empty)

When I try to install new programme-set up goes straight to Default C Drive which is obviously low in volume and results in istallation halt.
How can I install new programmes into F: Drive instead of C: Drive?

  brundle 07:39 11 Jul 2007

Yes, create a folder called Program Files on the F: drive, in future you will only need to change one letter in the installation path (from C:Program Files/aprogram to F:Program Files/aprogram for eg)

  Diemmess 09:10 11 Jul 2007

Most applications when being installed will offer to install on C:

If you watch carefully for the moment when setup shows where the application will be stored, then.....

As brundel said you can highlight and change just the drive letter leaving the name of the proposed folder e.g. /Program Files/MS Office just as it is.

While you can do this with any new installation except the OS, to fiddle with drive letters once the program is installed is a bad idea indeed.

If you want to make more room on your C: drive by putting most applications on D: instead, then you have to uninstall each application and re-install them on D:

  Diemmess 09:31 11 Jul 2007

If space saving/usage is your main requirement, then don't need to disturb your applications at all.

Instead make new folders for you data - pictures documents and music etc on Drive D:

Copy the contents of My Docs, My Pictures etc across from C: to D:, put all new stuff in their appropriate folders, and when you are sure you have them safe and accessible, delete them from Drive C:
You should be able to free a lot of space on C: by doing this.

  Shahid Hameed 10:00 11 Jul 2007

Many thanks
I only have problem with installation of big programme e.g Adobe Photoshop which I want to install on F Drive because of lack of space on C drive.
Rest of the stuff I can copy to Drive F with ease.
So the thing which I understand is to change the installation pathway! is that all right?

  pj123 12:38 11 Jul 2007

Not all programs give an option to install anywhere other than the C: drive. But even if they do lots of files will still be installed on the C: drive as well, so you may still come unstuck.

You say you have 2 separate hard drive C: and F:

If it were mine I would clone my C: drive to F: and then make F: the bootable drive. Then reformat the 6.5gb and use for storage, or buy another high capacity drive and replace the 6.5gb drive altogether.

  Diemmess 14:15 11 Jul 2007

....... spotted that F: is a separate HD (not E: or just a partition- my mistake, sorry).

So, probably wise to keep the OS and all applications on the primary HDisk.

You can manage for a while the way you are, but photoshop files (psd) and particularly (raw) will quickly take a lot of space to themselves and could be moved to the other HD.

The Big IF is the possibility of cloning C: to F: and then making F: the primary?

When "Restoring" or writing the image to F: the drive must either be empty, or have only unwanted data on it, because all will be wiped off by that act.

So if you follow pj123 and buy a new HD,
Clone everything, data and applications first to F:
Then connecting the larger drive now as Master drive with your comuter running normally, you can fit the shiny new one as slave.

Use it for every sort of data as well as for regular back-up images of the C: drive

  pj123 15:03 11 Jul 2007

He did say his F: drive was empty so I would use xxclone (free from click here) to clone C: to F:

Then install the 40gb as primary master and the 6.5gb as slave.

I use xxclone to clone both my PCs master drives to separate hard drives, which are then taken out of the computer and stored in my filing cabinet.

I have (so far) only once had to use a cloned drive but there were no problems installing it as the master and booting the PC.

  Shahid Hameed 16:00 11 Jul 2007

I am much clear now how to do it.
Thanks again

  Diemmess 17:04 11 Jul 2007

Good luck - and please do first make sure you have recent copies of all your data somewhere away from the computer on CDs or DVDs.

Just to have insurance in the unlikely event that something goes badly wrong.

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