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  roundhead123 10:50 20 Dec 2003

Can some one please tell me how I can open/recover my Office 2000 CD. I used it to install the program and for some downloaded updates - however, now it refuses to open, It tries to open as an audio CD and shows one track of 505 MBs. I then get windows media player telling me it doesn't recognise the format !
How can I restore it to being a data CD ?
I tried BadCopy but that won't work on it - all it found was the one track of 505 Mbs.

  s3mt3x 11:41 20 Dec 2003

John, It sounds like the cd's completely messed up, if this is true, there are only two things you can do 1. Buy a cd repair kit and try that - 2. Replace the cd. Provided its a leagle copy - you could contact Microsoft for a replacement cd - as long as you still have the key. Alternatively you could borrow a cd or download one etc and then use your existing licence key to activate it.

  Gongoozler 11:49 20 Dec 2003

It could also be the cd drive at fault. I recently upgraded a computer, but one of the installation disks was identified in one drive on that computer as an audio disk, but in the other drive it worked properly.

  Jester2K II 11:49 20 Dec 2003

Try it in another PC first - Don't install just see if it also reads it as an Audio disk. It might be a setting in Windows which is wrong and needs fixing...

  roundhead123 16:53 20 Dec 2003

I tried it in my pal's pc - windows 95 and it's still trying to open as an audio cd
Do you have any other ideas how I can fix it ?

  Jester2K II 16:56 20 Dec 2003

Contact MS for a replacement.

  roundhead123 17:09 20 Dec 2003

OK thanks -looks like I'll have to do that
Thanks to all who responded.

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