Programme advice please

  jessej 14:40 21 Aug 2005

I am looking for a couple of decent, preferably free, programmes that are easy to use.
1. A File Converter to convert Word documents to PDF docs. (I have Microsoft Office 2003 installed)

2. I don't know what it would be called, a programme, if it exists, which will let me dictate to the computer and it types what I say.
I've heard, and seen reference, to one called Dragon but it is well outside what I can afford.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

  bremner 14:44 21 Aug 2005

This seems to do 1. click here

2. Voice recognition has come on leaps and bounds but to get a program that is realiable costs. Even then you must expect to spend many hours training the program to recognise the nuances in your vioce before getting an acceptable level of performance.

I think you will be disappionted if you hope to get usable results from a cheap or free program.

  VoG II 14:45 21 Aug 2005

For Q1 click here

  jessej 14:56 21 Aug 2005

As usual, you have come up trumps yet again. Many thanks for your advice, I'm sure to find something amongst that lot.
Point taken about the Voice recognition, I'll just have to continue with my one finger typing.

  Technotiger 14:59 21 Aug 2005

Hi, a cheap alternative to Dragon is *IBM Via Voice* There was a full program on the Computer Shopper Magazine cover-disk way back in Dec 2002.
Perhaps someone may have a copy, or there may have been a further magazine issue of a later date. At least this gives you a program name to look for. (It was originally £29.99)


  jessej 15:06 21 Aug 2005

Thank you Technotiger.
A son-in-law used to have Computer Shopper, wonder if he kept the CD's? Afterall I have PC Advisor CDs going back around 4 years but, then, I never chuck anything away that might possible come in handy at some future date.

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