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Programme to add text below a photo

  Trikie 23:46 12 Nov 2016

I used Microsoft's Picture It to do this with XP but Windows 7 will not run it.

The only editing programmes I can find all add text on the actual picture. With Picture It I reduced the size of the photo and added text in the space created.

Is there any current free or reasonably priced programme that does this?

  Bazzaman 09:04 13 Nov 2016

Have a look at the free version of Photo Filtre: CLICK HERE

  BRYNIT 10:04 13 Nov 2016

You could try Windows Paint already installed on your computer.

How to use Windows 7 Paint CLICK HERE

  Trikie 18:12 13 Nov 2016

Thanks but Paint only puts text on the pictures and as far as I can discover Photo Filtre can only get its images via a scanner. Mine are downloaded from a digital camera so I can't get as far as checking how text can be added.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:30 13 Nov 2016

....but Paint only puts text on the pictures...........

Paint can do exactly what you want. Simply open a picture then enlarge the canvas by clicking and dragging one of the little squares found at the edges and faces of all sides. You'll then have an area of white space to insert text into. If you want the background a different colour then use the paint-can tool first.

  Trikie 18:56 13 Nov 2016

Thanks Secret Squirrel. Looks like I've got a steep learning curve after Picture It.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:40 13 Nov 2016

Looks like I've got a steep learning curve.......

If you're not good with clicking and dragging then instead click the blue button to the left of the Home tab (top-left) and choose "Properties". Increase the height by a couple of hundred pixels and it should add a white space underneath the picture. If you're not happy with the result then click the blue left-pointing "Undo" button at the top.

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