programm for camcorder

  [DELETED] 22:29 26 Aug 2003

whats the best program for playing your camcorder through the pc so you can edit it etc have been told about a programm called pinnacle???
i want to edit tapes i have made

  [DELETED] 22:43 26 Aug 2003

I've just bought MUVEE autoproducer . A simple enough prog. to use and it does all that i need .But Pinnacle 8 seems to be the one that alot of people like . Keep the post going and more users will tell you of the pros and cons .

  [DELETED] 22:57 26 Aug 2003

Iwould say that the best editing software is without doubt Adobe Premier 6.5. BUT and it is a very big BUT the price is very high and the learning curve very steep. So if you are a beginner start simple. If you are running XP then you already have Windows Moviemaker. Simple effective and quick to learn. If you buy this months PC Plus mag the free disc has another simple to learn program. I personally use Pinnacle Studio 7 which does all I want to produce good family videos and the learning curve is not so steep. I you need any more info dont hesitate to come back with your questions.

  [DELETED] 22:59 26 Aug 2003

Sorry I forgot to ask what camera you are using. Digital or Analogue. It makes a big difference to the hardware needed.

  [DELETED] 23:07 26 Aug 2003

I agree with JAAC .Have read LOTS about video editing from many sources over the past few years.Pinnacle's Studio 8 seems to be the best beginners prog,allowing you to do more advanced editing should you wish.Video Studio 6 comes in a close second.Personally I have a Matrox RT2500 but this is the high end of the market.I have not tried the beginners editing packages.You can find out more on the huge subject of video editing from click here and click here sites will explain all !

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Sorry,the second link should have been click here

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I'm a Pinnacle user and supporter. You can (or at least, you could when I got mine a few years ago) buy it in a bundle complete with the appropriate capture card for Digital or Analogue video cameras.

One thing to be aware of is that you're going to need a lot of HDD space for your video files.

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Some feed back on this thread would be nice. eg what camera are you using??

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