program transfer to another pc

  mad1234 08:05 07 Oct 2006

we have a pc with windows 95 on it & another software package we use for certain calculations. on bootup there is an option menu to choose to boot up in win 95 or other program.

this pc is really old & i want to transfer the calculation program to another newer pc which will have windows xp on it. i want to keep the option menu as well
i don't have the installation disks for the calculation program. it looks like they have been lost over the years
can anyone guide me in the right direction to do this?

  Diemmess 08:21 07 Oct 2006

Once the licensed installation disks are lost you have no chance whatever of using the application on a different computer.

Since the original program is so old, you might be lucky and find similar software which can read your old data.

You can copy the old data easily to another PC but you do need a suitable application to be installed before the data is any use.

If you are very lucky there might even be a freebie which can be downloaded.

  mad1234 08:53 07 Oct 2006

ok then can i put this drive in as a slave & create a startup menu to goto windows xp or to this program.
this programs runs in dos (just thought i had better mention that)

  jack 09:02 07 Oct 2006

Chances are that the program will not run in XP at all -as you know XP is another system all together
You could -if you have the program disk install it and check 'compatibility'[go to 'my computer help' if not sure] and it XP to run as 95/8 an out side chance.
You certainly will not be able to transfer installed programs from computer to computer- elements installed in the program O/S registry- do not transfer- it has to be a clean installation.

  Diemmess 09:17 07 Oct 2006

The program you want to use was installed and integrated into a 95 system.
Putting the old HD in as a slave to the XP system won't work because it is XP not W95 that is ruling the roost.

Being positive...
A calculation program sounds like Excel and there is Open Office available for free.
Can you name the program you want and how you use it?

  mad1234 09:39 07 Oct 2006

its called brown bag

  mad1234 10:00 07 Oct 2006

have been looking through google & i think it doesn't exist any more. the program is very old & it definatly runs in dos not in excel

could i do this using windows me instead of windows xp?

  VoG II 10:25 07 Oct 2006

It really depends on whether the program is truly installed, as in writing data to the registry etc., or whether it is one of those few programs that do not install. Try copying the .exe file onto a pen drive and see if it will run on another computer.

  Diemmess 10:37 07 Oct 2006

...... Not without the installation disks.

Installation of any program is not usually as simple as copying.
Installation is integration with the current operating system so that the OS and program can follow instructions to each other and produce a result.

There are work around extra programs which will allow a program to work in DOS undercover with XP and so on ....... BUT you must have the original disks and key number at some stage, or you are right up the creek.

If I were in your shoes I would either keep the old PC with its 95 system running Brown Bag, or accept the challenge, find a new program that will do the work for you, and use the many possible ways to transfer somehow your old data into the new environment.

  Diemmess 10:44 07 Oct 2006

I suppose this is not the thing at all?
click here
Sorry if I am proved flippant, I just grasped a weird straw that floated past!

  mad1234 10:58 07 Oct 2006

nope thats not it

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