program to show how much data is stored in folders

  gillersuk 18:31 26 Sep 2004

does anyone know of a free (or cheap) program which shows on one page (or easily) how much memory is in each folder on a hard-drive. I have lots of folders and lots of data and want to know which folders have the most data so i can start to delete unneccesary files.

I have used 2 x Explorer for file management for many years now, and one of its Tools features is to provide Folder Data.

It's free from click here

  the lone ranger 18:40 26 Sep 2004

Speaking only of XP here.......just place your pointer over the file for a second or two and hey presto.
Can`t say for other OS


  brambles 18:41 26 Sep 2004

I have so many photographs that periodically I transfer them to CD's and delete the files on my computer.

If you open a folder in Windows Explorer - then click edit - select all - it will show the total number of files & space they are utilising in the toolbar at the bottom.

If you open a folder - then click on view - details - then click on size column it will arrange all the files according to the space they are occupying.

It may list smallest first - in which case click the size column again - and they will list with largest file first.


  gillersuk 18:45 26 Sep 2004

I know how to find out how much data is in each folder, but I want a program that will compare all folders with subfolders on one screen so I can see at a glance where all my data is. I could build up a list by going to folder properties for all my folders but that would take a long long time.

That's what 2xExplorer will do for you.

In a new window, it will show all the folders on your drive/partition in decending order of size, along with the number of sub-folders and files contained in each.

  beeuuem 18:52 26 Sep 2004

Try Treesize free from click here

  Simon_P 18:53 26 Sep 2004

click here Free

click here Free

click here $9.99 download

  gillersuk 19:06 26 Sep 2004

thanks all, ive tried each one and diskplus seems the best, so thanks simon7063. thanks to everyone else as well, always nice to have a choice. thanks again

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