program to rewrite missing info back onto avi?

  theDarkness 19:44 16 May 2010

a video joining tool (unknown) was used to split an old avi family video, but I used a different tool (hjsplit) to rejoin it. whilst the video plays fine in windows (vlc player), it no longer plays in some players and on some non pc systems. It seems to be missing all of its basic info from the properties tab (whichh usually shows format/resolution/frame rate etc). In properties it simply states one sentence-"unavailable for selected source". The file according to Gspot and other video file checking programs is in divx/mp4 format.

Since the most basic of information (eg the file format in properties) is missing, thats prob why it doesnt play on other systems and some other players, so I am wondering if there are any tools that can scan my avi and rewrite all of its basic information back into its file properties tab? ..whilst avoiding having to use a conversion program that might lose quality in the process (eg avi to avi).

thanks for any help

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