Program refuses to shut down.

  L plate marky 12:32 29 Jun 2004

When I try to turn off the pc I get an "Ending Program" box telling me that "wupdater.exe" is not responding to the shut down and go back and check it's status. How do I check this and amend it's status? Does it stand for windows updater (which seems to be updating daily now)?

I run on windows xp.

Thanks for any help offered.

  L plate marky 12:41 29 Jun 2004

Sorry, I've just remedied this by doing a search on previous help.

  Lijobo 13:38 29 Jun 2004

I have a similar problem. Sometimes the program is "Centinel VxD", or "Trickler".

I run Win 2K Pro.

I can't seem to find the solution in Past Help.
Where did you find it?

  L plate marky 12:16 30 Jun 2004

I typed in "wupdater" in the search box. Previous threads with the same problem were fixed with Adaware, as was mine when I ran ad aware.

  Lijobo 13:28 30 Jun 2004

OK, Thanks for that.
'Trickler' I found to be adware, and have got rid of it. 'Centinel' is to do with my Panda AV, and I'm still working on it.
Once again, Thanks.

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