Program load errors.

  jack 20:58 03 Oct 2008

Paint Shop pro , as useful programs as it is is rather prone to lose chucks of its self.
That is the various functions -general tools/Text/ special treatments all seem to be modules bolted onto a core, and from time to time bits go AWOL
The remedy is simply - insert the disk and click on the 'Repair' button -most of the time.
To day the repairs attempts and now a total reinstall from the disk cant find this or that and therefore does not complete a reinstall.
Disk damage perhaps or some form of corruption on my system [XP Pro SP3]
For example MS updates have 'Force Fed the system SP3 -
what do you chaps think?

  tullie 21:05 03 Oct 2008

Sorry,a bit dense,dont have a clue what your talking about,im sure someone else will interpret.

  jack 05:11 04 Oct 2008

That are many occasions when I read a post and think to my self Wot? ;-] and move on.

How ever in picking and poking and pondering
things are a becoming clearer , but not resolved.
Part way through the repair/ re-installation process I get this warning come up- see pic.

I thought damaged disk!

So I do have other downloaded versions of the
program on an external drive- So try one of those.
Still get the message - so that leads me to conclude it colud be a system problem.
As I said recently M/S has 'force fed'[downloaded and installed SP3 , so could this be a factor?

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  jack 05:12 04 Oct 2008

It won't of course !

  jack 10:49 06 Oct 2008

click here

What I have not really established is this a program [as stored on the external drive]/ or disk corruption or a System [XP Pro Sp3] error?

As said earlier System restore simply does not do the business- another sign of a major O/S problem maybe ?

Would perhaps unloading SP3 be of benefit?

  jack 14:59 07 Oct 2008

Reading deeper into the error message[which I guess I should have done from the outset] it had become apparent that this is an application error not system- the last sentence is '.... if you cannot locate the patch refer to vendor'
So I did - Corel support- fill in the form, tell them the tale.
Back came the instant reply - they were waiting for me weren't they- Sorry don't support that version any more - see if any of these FAQ's are of help
Then a list of errors numbers but not mine
Then last of all my one.
Oh that! - Download this that should fix it.
So I did- A patch? ---Nah - some patch - 600 megabyte patch.- install it and up come a 30 day trial of PSP12 or FX2 as it is now called.
So question have they been seeding a killer patch to generate sales would you think?
Redundancy by stealth then?

  jack 20:02 07 Oct 2008


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