Program instalation problem

  Dumps 11:25 26 Jun 2004

Problems with installing an application

I have recently purchased a new system running Windows XP os which works OK with a few exceptions.

I find I am unable to install a previous CAD package CHOICECAD which is installed from 3 1.4 disks.
When I try to run the install from the A: drive I get a message displayed
“ An error has occurred in your application if you choose to ignore, you should save your work to a new file”.
When I click on IGNORE a new message is shown
“Shadow caused a general protection fault in Module - Temp 390c.exe at 0002:0258
Choose close Shadow will close.

This program (which is written for Windows) installed and worked fine with
Windows 98

Other programs of the same vintage also on floppys install OK onto the Windows XP system

Please can you help with an explanation to fix this problem. Could this be caused by
the RAID On my system?. I don’t use the RAID as only one HD is installed.

My system set up is as follows

Mother Board: K7 Triton series GA-7VM400AM(F) via km400a chipset
Processor : AMD ATHLON XP 2.600+ 1.92 Ghz
Ram : 224 MB Ram
Controller : Via Serial ATA RAID Controller
Hard Drive : 76.GB One partition NTFS file system
O.S. : MS Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 1

As you will see I am unable to create a second FAT 32 partition on the HD.
So as to install WINDOWS 98 and use a dual boot system which would overcome the problem.

Please help me if you can.

Don Hoggett

Tel: 01622 685042
Email: [email protected]

  THE TERMINATOR 11:36 26 Jun 2004

How old is the CAD program, Windows XP is not compatable with some old programs and does not allow you to install them. eg XP does not have DOS so if it is DOS based then sorry....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 11:40 26 Jun 2004

Sorry didn't read all your thread. I you aquire PARTITION MAGIC by POWERQUEST you will be able to create a partition and install windows 98....TT

  Dumps 19:24 12 Aug 2004

Solved the problem by purchasing two mobile disk racks @ £8.00 each and using my old HD disk to install Windows 98 so as to make my system dual bootable.



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