program that i cant find to delete

  ozzippo 19:38 18 Dec 2003

On my startup screen comes rem TShoot: SET Path=C:\Windows;C\Windows\Command;"C:\Program Files\Executive Software\Diskeeper Home Edition\" I've searched in file finder and to no avail, this is causing my computer to take 1 minute & 32 seconds to boot up. Does anyone know how to get this off my computer please.

  MAJ 19:46 18 Dec 2003

Which operating system are you using, ozzippo?

  johnnyrocker 19:47 18 Dec 2003

either run msconfig and disable it in start up or try add remove programs in control panel.


  MAJ 19:47 18 Dec 2003

Checkout msconfig first to see what's trying to start at bootup. Start > Run, type msconfig, click OK and go to the Startup tab.

  Valvegrid 19:53 18 Dec 2003

Did you used to have diskeeper light installed on your computer and now removed it? If you did, you are left with this line in your AutoExec.bat file.

Go to Windows explorer click on C: and look for a file called AutoExec.bat, highlight it so it turns blue, then hold the shift key and right mouse click, open the file with Notepad. That line can be deleted, click the cross on the top right, you will be asked if you want to save the file, say yes and try and boot the computer again.

I used to have the same problem.


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