program files folder

  suzie005 16:33 07 Aug 2003

every so often when i open the folder there's nothing in it.was fine this morning and when i went to look just now it's empty.i need to view the files.does anybody have a clue wot might be going on and how i can rectify the problem?

  alcudia 16:47 07 Aug 2003

Please can you post what version of Windows you are using.
I assume your programs still work, just that everything in the Program Files folder is invisible, but only on odd occassions.
This is one to think about.

  suzie005 16:54 07 Aug 2003

i'm using ME .yeah everything's working fine.i've had many strange things crop up before but this one is certainly weird

  alcudia 17:02 07 Aug 2003

OK, I've had a think. Have you tried expanding the folder in the left hand window by clicking the + sign? Are all the folders visible in the tree? If so does clicking on one of these reveal files in the right window.
You could also try refreshing the window by pressing F5.
You could also try the view menu and change a view type and see what that does.
Is it just the Program Files folder, have you tried others when this problem occurs?
These are just some things to try. I'll have a further good think about this.
Get back when I can.

  suzie005 17:15 07 Aug 2003

haven't tried the change view type cos i don't know wot to do.have looked in view but seen nothing to click on.all the other things don't work.have discovered tho that i CAN view the folder if i go into C drive from My Computer.any wiser???

  suzie005 17:18 07 Aug 2003

wot i should have said was that i explored instead of just going into program seems now that i can view the folders from both entries-as i the problem of them disappearing is still there.

  suzie005 17:23 07 Aug 2003

tried it again and the folder itself is invisible AGAIN except for the tree branch thingy on the left hand's no good to me cos i want a full view of the folder with all the files in

  alcudia 08:26 08 Aug 2003

Sorry I havn't been back but was very busy last night. I was going to ask about My Computer, but you have answered it.
This can be down to either a display problem or a corruption of explorer itself. I had intended to let you have details of the program I use. (I never use the Windows explorer), but I never got the chance to turn my home machine on last night. I will do it tonight and get back to you.
The program has a heck of a lot more options than the Windows effort, including the ability to print trees and folder contents, and it's free.
I know this won't fix your problem, but if it works you can ignore Explorer in future.
In the meantime stick with My Computer.
Lastly not quite sure what you mean by explored instead of going program files.
One last thought. There should be an option in the right hand folder to show or hide the files and folders. Can you see this?

  recap 09:24 08 Aug 2003

suzie005, try this, click on the C: drive and go to View and click "Refresh".

If that doesn't work then open Explorer, click once on the C: drive then go to Tools/Folder Options/View/Hidden files and click on the Radio button for "show all files".

  GroupFC 09:37 08 Aug 2003

If you can post back details of the program you use instead of Windows Explorer I would be grateful, as there was a question earlier this week about printing the details of contents of folders click here.

You must have missed it!!

  alcudia 11:01 08 Aug 2003

Yep, I am aware of the app mentioned there. tried it once from a cover disc. It didn't work properly.
What I have is far superior. I will be back about nine tonight with details and where to get it.

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