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  ponytail 08:34 03 Apr 2011

I have 111gb of space left on my C drive and would like to increase it.Program files take up 42gb and I thought I could move that folder to my external drive which has 930gb of free space.But when I tried I got the following message.
Renaming,Moving or Deleting could make some programs not work are you sure you want to do this.
Not sure what all these program files are anyway are they wanted how can I tell which are needed and which can be deleted.

  Nontek 08:52 03 Apr 2011

Most programs are automatically placed on the C drive, so all Registry items relating to the respective Programs are stored on C drive - moving any program to another drive will 'lose' the registry settings on C. I hope that makes sense.

If programs are directed to install on a drive other than C, then that is OK as registry items know where to find the programs.

You could re-install some programs on the external drive and delete same from C - though someone might come up with a better solution.

  mimosa418 09:23 03 Apr 2011

I have used AppMpver from click here with good results but would not like to use it for too many programmes since it is fairly slow. It is best to reinstall you applications to your other drive but you must leave the C:\programme files available since there are common files etc which will not install elsewhere.
It is well worthwhile having Programmes on a drive other than C: since it speeds up your PC and can make operations like keeping image of your OS much faster.

  benson68 09:43 03 Apr 2011

I moved "My Documents" to the "D" drive, to free up drive "C".
Start / documents / expand / rt click “My Documents” /properties / move / choose location

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:33 03 Apr 2011

Also move the page file
click here

Use Ccleaner to remove rubbish from the system click here

Reduce the space used by restore click here

  ponytail 10:53 03 Apr 2011

Hi Fruit Bat OP System is XP

  ponytail 10:55 03 Apr 2011

Hi Fruit Bat OP System is XP

  ponytail 10:57 03 Apr 2011

Hi Benson68 the my documents folder only appears to be using 8.75gb which is not going to give me much more space

  Batch 12:09 03 Apr 2011

1. You cannot just copy your Program Files (PFs)to another disk or another partition - it won't work.

2. Subject to having the install packs / CDs, You could install (from scratch) applications on another disk or partition. But it doesn't make sense to do so and isn't worth the hassle. The install of apps is tightly bound with the Windows Registry and so, if you were to create a back-up image of Windows partition, you should make a back-up of the PFs at exactly the same time. AND, contrary to other comments, installing apps on another partition won't speed things up (in fact it could slow things down). Installing apps on another disk might speed things up a tad, but not materially and isn't worth the hassle. Certainly installing apps on an external disk is likely to be slower.

3. Moving any other folders "known" to apps (e.g. My Documents) to an external disk is likely to cause pain unless you can guarantee that the external disk will always be online. The reason for this is that if the external disk is not available, many apps may fail or create a new default folder in the apps standard default location and use that instead.

BTW, I use XP on 3 PCs with the C partition used for Windows, pagefile and apps. and these use about 6GB for each PC (Acronis images of these take 3 or 4 minutes to create and are around 3GB). My data (My Documents, Photos, Music etc. on other partitions.

  Batch 13:41 03 Apr 2011

Also, if you only have a C partition on the disk onboard in your PC, I would not recommend putting the pagefile on an external disk. Again Windows may not like it if you boot up without the external disk (or switch the external disk off while booted) and, especially if your system pages a lot (which would really suggest that your system could do with more memory), it could seriously slow your system down.

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