Program Files

  Thomo1 14:26 03 Feb 2005

In my C:Program files i have the following that i either cannot delete or dont recognise.

Microsoft Frontpage.

The folder has a sub-folder called version3.0. In that subfolder is nothing. BUT i cannot delete it as it apparently is being used by another program! Any ideas what it is??

MSN Gaming Zone.

I dont have MSN installed and never have. When i go to delete it, it tells me that doing so may make other progs/applicatoins unstable/unusable.


Has a few icons in it that include Dialer (Microsoft corporation) adn Hypertrm.


This folder has a sub folder called "nwwia". In the sub-folder is empty.
I cannot recall having anything made my or to do with Xerox on my machine!!! Cannot delete this folder either as it apparently is being used by another program.

Can any1 shed any help or ideas on if i need them and how i can get rid of them???

Running Xp Pro.


  JIM 14:34 03 Feb 2005

That folder is used during logon by the imaging software in XP, as Microsoft licensed some of the tech from Xerox. The wia in the name of the folder named nwwia stands for "Windows Image Acquisition". I would just leave the folder alone as XP looks for it at logon.

  JIM 14:40 03 Feb 2005

i personaly would leave them but following link leads to one or two.For interest.

click here

  ventanas 14:49 03 Feb 2005

They come with every installation of XP Pro. Why I don't know. Have just checked eight installations, everyone has these folders. I would leave them alone.

  Thomo1 14:50 03 Feb 2005

ok cheers guys.

  CurlyWhirly 18:43 03 Feb 2005

I also have the Xerox folder containing the nwwia entry, so I too think it is best to leave well alone, as they are taking up very LITTLE hard drive space!

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