Program disappeared

  willhay 16:26 10 May 2003

I installed a trial of Stealthdisc last night, I went to run it for the first time and it had gone, so I tried to reinstall but it just says it cannot reinstall over itself to remove the original first..........It aint there I have done a search but no stealthdisc, checked through windows still no joy....The program thinks its still there but I cant find it, its not in the uninstall menu either, I havent gone over the time limit for it. Any ideas..It must be a good program as it even hides itself

  King Diamond 16:42 10 May 2003

Maybe thats why it's called stealth, lol!

Sorry, bad joke.

I had the exact same problem with a game I thought I'd uninstalled. Each time I went to put it back in, it said I needed to uninstall the old version. Eventually I lost the plot and re-installed XP and it never happened again. Might have been a coruption in the registry. So maybe a Regcleaner might sort it, but don't quote me on that.

Someone more knowledgeable on here will put you right, but I'll be watching this post cause I'd like to know how to solve it myself.

Good luck.

  rawprawn 16:46 10 May 2003

Try using jv16 power tools to find it, you can get a free download click here, I have a program called hide folders & it finds that.

  willhay 17:03 10 May 2003

Still no good, it found some registry item so I deleted them but it still thinks the program is there

  rawprawn 10:24 11 May 2003

can you restore the computer to a point before you installed the stealth folder which should clear it out, then reinstall

  rawprawn 10:26 11 May 2003

Can you restore the computer to a point before you installed the stealth folder which should clear it out, then reinstall.

  rawprawn 14:01 11 May 2003

another solution may be to start/search then don't put the name in, just do it by date. In other words if you installed 0n 9th May enter that date & search. see what turns up it may be under a name that is not known to you.

if its anything like a program i use called "advanced hide folders" it will run i you use a hotkey combination to start it . if you didnt change it ,it will still be the default so go to the stealthdisk website and ask there if they will tell you the default combination. if they will not system restore should sort the problem. finding it could be tricky it wont be called stealth for nothing.

good luck and happy days H.

  willhay 14:18 11 May 2003

You are right horiz5, a combination of keys is needed, I need a password to start it but customer support will not give it me unless I register, and as I havent tried the prog I aint registering, so it is stuck on here, and for some reason I cant do a system restore either. And then they wonder why people go to crack sites. Ijust want it off here now

  rawprawn 10:22 14 May 2003

go to run/regedit to get to the registry highlight my computer go to edit & click find, type stealth or whatever you are trying to find & enter any results that come that you know belong to your lost folder delete, then go back to edit & cilck next & so on to the end. Do not touch anything else & BACK UP THE REGISTRY before you start(File Export name a folder highlight my computer enter)

  willhay 17:09 14 May 2003

Nope cannot find anything, they have done a good job of hiding the program. It has annoyed me that I went to try there software in good faith, and they wont help me remove it from my system. Well sod them , i'm off to a crack site to see if there is a password out there that I can use so I can dump the program

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