Program development Forum ED?

  recap 19:06 23 Oct 2003

Hi Forum ED,

I was just wondering if you ever got around to developing that software you mentioned some time ago. It's the one where it will automatically correct typo error's like the following that I tend to be doing lately:

teh for the, gto for got, developemnt for development etc.

Any results yet?

  [DELETED] 19:33 23 Oct 2003

I wish someone would hurry up with something along those lines.

One of my staff gave me a wireless keyboard and mouse set today. It's one of those cut in half, bent like a banana keyboards that are allegedly oh so easy to type on.

Damn thing's nearly been clean out the window half a dozen times today already...

I swear I invented a whole new programming language this afternoon, because it didn't look much like the SQL it was supposed to be.

  recap 19:38 23 Oct 2003

I know the feeling on that on Taran, I tried to use one myself, no thanks stick with what I'm used to. I don't even like the keyboard layout on a laptop, a quick way to get RSI in my opinion.

  recap 19:39 23 Oct 2003

Sorry that should read "on that one Taran"

  [DELETED] 19:41 23 Oct 2003

Spell checker would be nice as my spelling is lousy, all the keys are in the wrong place {:-)

  [DELETED] 20:41 23 Oct 2003

click here

Comes in handy.

  powerless 20:44 23 Oct 2003

oS dose thsi fro opear usesrs click here

  [DELETED] 23:10 23 Oct 2003

to which I contributed (in my usual unconventional manner).

I am also interested in the results, if any.

However, I could quite understand if nothing came of it. At work clients often have questions, I come up with a route to a solution (plus a cost) and client promptly "disappears".

Still, I would appreciate "closure".

  woodchip 23:23 23 Oct 2003

It's my eye's will it do anything for them, as I keep pressing Y for T and things like that

  woodchip 23:25 23 Oct 2003

That give's me chance to pop a qestion Can I get big sticky letters for to stick on keyboard keys

  woodchip 23:26 23 Oct 2003

Ans a question

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