program conflicts !

  xptosmtbd 20:24 27 Dec 2003

Hi, I use 2 photographic programs because I like differant aspects of both of them. They are Photoshop 6 and Corel 8, and being as they are both very comprehensive and large programmes I can only have 1 at a time installed on my computer, otherwise one of them wont work properly. My computer is modern so (1 year old)so that isn't the reason. If I try and have them both available to use then they both either crash/wont work properly, or at least one of them wont work at all. I am assuming that this means that because I am trying to put 2 powerful photographic programs into my computer then they are somehow conflicting. Is there any way that I can use them both without this happening as I have to keep uninstalling one to install and use the other!!.....I am running win. XP home. and have loads of room on my hard disk and the computer is capable of multitasking. Thanks in advance...S

  Big Elf 20:30 27 Dec 2003

Do you get any error messages or erro codes? If so what are they?

  johnnyrocker 20:31 27 Dec 2003



  xptosmtbd 20:32 27 Dec 2003

Hi, Thanks for your replies. I get no error messages, and I have loads of memory.....

  woodchip 20:40 27 Dec 2003

They must be running a file that each program changes when you reload, So that the last program you load stops the first one running is that correct? If it is, it's a problem trying to find which one. If you knew you could put the file in the specific program probably a DLL ones that get changed a lot are Mfc42.Dll in the system folder, before you load the second program check the mfc dll file versions before you load the second program then check them after to see what as changed you should be able to find out on the time stamp that it was loaded.

  rickf 20:40 27 Dec 2003

Try installing them in different partitions. I use Photoshop6 and Paint Shop Pro with no conflicts. Just an idea to try but you might have tried it already.

  xptosmtbd 20:41 27 Dec 2003

Thanks everybody, rickf I will try your remedy....S

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