Program called silverlight what is it

  ponytail 07:05 09 Aug 2014

I sent a email using my hotmail account and it contained two receipts.When I then clicked on sent messages and clicked on the attachments to check them something called silverlight came up and could not clear it had to come out of hotmail and then go back in.What is silverlight and how do I get rid of it.Thanks

  ponytail 07:26 09 Aug 2014

My O/S is windows 7 Went into programs and features found silverlight and uninstalled it.Just went back to my sent messages to view the attachments and this is what I got Clicked view slide show I got need to install silverlight Clicked on Download as ZIP and got Opening refund ZIP what should firefox do with this file OPEN SAVE Clicked on Downloads same message as download as zip. This must be something to do with firefox as my son put it on the laptop last weekend when I was having a problem. Before if I clicked on the attachment it just opened same with slide show.Any advice appreciated.Do I have to re-install silverlight or un-install firefox.Apologies so long

  BRYNIT 07:29 09 Aug 2014

You have already asked this question CLICK HERE

  ponytail 08:15 09 Aug 2014

Apologies BRYNIT I did forget about been away for last ten days.Still unsure what the other messages are ie click on slide show etc.Thanks again

  BRYNIT 17:46 09 Aug 2014

ponytail if you look next to your user name you will find My Posts if you click on this it will show all discussions you have contributed to and all you have posted.

  john bunyan 18:31 09 Aug 2014

And how few you have started have a green tick. Be a good chap and tick the box when the problem is sorted.

  rdave13 19:11 09 Aug 2014

Also I think Netflix uses it?

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