This professional designer

  Forum Editor 23:13 27 Jun 2003

certainly doesn't frown on FrontPage, and I know of at least one other professional in the forum who feels the same way.

Both FP and Dreamweaver have their srengths and their weaknesses, and if you could combine the best of both applications you would probably have the perfect web-design tool. As it is, many designers use both applications, and there are some very big corporate sites that are entirely designed in FrontPage. About a year ago I completed the design of an online banking site for a major European bank, and used FrontPage for the whole project. So far, despite several attempts, no-one has succeeded in penetrating the security measures we put in place, and the site has functioned without a hitch.

I also use Dreamweaver extensively - it's a question of horses for courses and neither application is 'better' than the other in the sense you mean. If I had to recommend one of the two programs to someone who was starting out in web design it would be FrontPage, simply because its interface would be more familiar to someone who probably uses Microsoft Office already , and the learning curve is a good deal less steep.

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