Prodigy Mod (finished)

  Chronos the 2nd 15:29 23 May 2013

My apologies for the rubbish video I only have a Flip Mino just now. This should have been finished earlier but due to the weirdness of PC components the M-ITX mobo which has done nothing but sit quietly in a static bag refused point blank to allow anything to be seen on the monitor.

So after many fruitless hours of trying to get it to work it has now been consigned to the bin. So a new mobo was bought and all is up and working.

This was my first major mod and I have learnt much, particularly if shortening the cables on a PSU do it the more professional way by buying a crimping tool,new pins and connectors.

Anyway here is the video. Youtube.

  john bunyan 15:34 23 May 2013

Chronos the 2nd

Brilliant stuff - and you were wrongly "dissing" yourself the other day re grammar! Be proud!!

  Chronos the 2nd 15:44 23 May 2013

john bunyan


I wish I had a garden shed/workshop as I would love to get into this type of thing in a bigger way , you really need space in which to paint ETC.

  Ian in Northampton 15:44 23 May 2013

Some very pretty PCs there. Strange soundtrack, though... :-)

I'm reminded, though, of way back in the day when IBM launched the System/36, I think it was. Anyway, they allegedly got a huge amount of feedback from customers that it didn't look like a computer because it didn't have a lot of flashing lights. So IBM went back and designed lots more lights into the case - and lo, the customers saw it, and said that it was good, and bought the System/36 in their thousands.

This is the same company, back in the early days of Winchester disks - when hard disks were measured in the megabytes range, and not many of those either - who quickly realised that no self-respecting financial director would pay $100,000 for a piece of kit the size of a couple of shoe-boxes. So they stuck the drive in a huge great cabinet which was, of course, 95% full of air. But financial directors looked upon it and saw that it was good, and could clearly see that a box that big was easily worth $100,000.

Say what you like about IBM, but they 'got' marketing...

Yes, I've been around the computer industry far too long. (Well, since 1975, anyway...)

  lotvic 18:58 23 May 2013

I'm impressed, that looks brilliant :) well worth doing.

  Chronos the 2nd 19:37 23 May 2013



  rdave13 00:24 24 May 2013

Just watched the video. Well impressed by your work. If I'd post a photo of my PC's innards here you'd fall off your chair laughing Chronos. :(

Thanks for the update. A worthwhile project indeed.

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