Processors. Upgrade?

  jessej 08:58 11 Sep 2003

System Info shows that the processor is a VIA Cyrix III, 533 MHz. So does Aida, though Belarc Advisor reckons its a Pentium II, 533 MHz. Obviously, to make absolutely certain, I'll need to have a look. The motherboard is a PC Chips 133 Socket 370 M758LMR and the book says it will support either a PPGA/FCPGA Celeron or a FCPGA Pentium III. Now comes the problem, can I upgrade it, if so, what to? And is it likely to be beneficial and worth doing? From that you may gather that I don't know much about the innards, yet, but I am keen to learn.

  mark500 09:18 11 Sep 2003

Slow processors of this speed don't really "cut it" these days. I bought my daughter the Via V266B mobo and Athlon 1700+ for about £110.00. Considered entry level now, it still does the job well. Cheap prices at the moment means a total upgrade is very attractive. Go for it :-))

  jameswalpole 09:19 11 Sep 2003

If you are planning to upgrade then no doubt you will be looking for a faster processor, but your upgrade wont end there.

You will need a motherboard and RAM that will support the speed of your new Processor.

I would recommend a AMD Athlon chip rather than an Intel Pentium, they are just as good and alot cheaper.

Try click here or click here for prices of motherboards and RAM and Processors.

Good luck !

  keith-236785 09:54 11 Sep 2003

i found this.

the M758LMR Supports FC-PGA Pentium III 500~866MHz and Celeron 266~533MHz CPUs with frequency at 66/100/133MHz in Socket 370 for Micro ATX Form Factor click here for the full page of details of your motherboard.

looks like you may well have a cyrix 533 proc (or celeron), from the above description you could fit a pentium P3 up to 866mhz (if you can find one) from my experience, Belarc advisor is rubbish. it reported the wrong version for my motherboard.....if i had taken notice of it when i was flashing my bios i would have flashed with the wrong update and would have ended up with a dead PC.

depends what you plan to do with the pc whether you need to upgrade or not.

  keith-236785 09:58 11 Sep 2003

It is also possible that flashing the bios would allow you to fit a larger processor, but flashing is not for the faint hearted as if it all goes wrong your pc would be useless, then you would have no choice about replacing the motherboard and proc.

good luck in what you decide, you always know where to come for advice.

  Tog 12:48 11 Sep 2003

You ask if it is worth doing but you don't say what you use the machine for. There may be cheaper ways to upgrade.

  goonerbill 17:26 11 Sep 2003

if ya thinking of upgrading to a new mobo and cpu, dont forget that more than likely ya going to need new memory as well.

to save searching lots of sites look here, they do it all for you click here all you got to do is choose what ya want.

  jessej 14:12 12 Sep 2003

Tog. What do I use it for? Mostly surfing for information, shopping, writing the odd letter or two. I don't use it for games though my wife enjoys playing some of the games that came with XP. Sad I know but she spends hours playing Spider Solitaire.

To all that replied, very many thanks, you have given me a lot to think about, like maybe going the whole hog and getting a new motherboard as well. I've got to do something, this is so slow. If I get stuck then I'll get back to you. Thanks again. JesseJ

  Diemmess 15:15 12 Sep 2003

Looking at your latest posting - a couple of things you mention at the end..........

"XP" which is not quick to load and taxes your CPU much more than earlier Windows versions.

"information, shopping, writing the odd letter or two"...... The internet is relatively the slowest thing on your computer and a faster box won't make much difference.

Letter writing again, no difference with faster computer.

But the way the retailing of computers is at present, you will save a lot of work and probably some money by carefully choosing a readymade box with its warranty etc.

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