Processor Upgrade not recognised

  Maineman 00:43 26 Aug 2004

I have a spare PC that I have upgraded the processor in. I have removed the Pentium 233 and replaced it with an AMD 450. It works fine so is obviously okay, and in the general tab of system properties it shows up as the correct processor. However on bootup (which is pretty slow) it still reads as Pentium 233 while loading Windows ME. It's no great problem but i was hoping to sell it so don't want a purchaser to think I've fleeced them! Should I be doing something else to update the system? Thanks.

  smokingbeagle 01:51 26 Aug 2004

Had a similar problem. Flashing the BIOS cured it. In my case, I used the same version of BIOS as there was no update available. Check your motherboard manufacturer's website.
Flashing only to be done if you are confident about what you are doing. Else someone in the forum may have an easier solution.

  hgrock 10:38 26 Aug 2004

first check that your board can take the higher processor (manual) then you either have to change a few pin settings on the board, for the new chip, or if the board is set for bios then you do it there, some do not see the change automatically

  bremner 10:59 26 Aug 2004

These two CPU's whilst both Secket 7 are not necessarily interchangable for a number of reasons.

Found this article click here which explians some of the technicalities.

If you can post details of the motherboard a more definitive answer can be given.

  Maineman 14:47 26 Aug 2004

Thanks, some good advice and a very helpful document. As I inherited the computer I have no manual etc so will need to open up again and see if i can identify the board. Thanks for now!

  bremner 16:25 26 Aug 2004

Try this click here it will give you details of your mobo

  Maineman 20:32 27 Aug 2004

Clever bit of software! Too clever for me as well. It shows I have an Intel Corporation
AN430TX AA682294-302
Serial Number: IUAN80105791
Bus Clock: 66 megahertz
BIOS: Intel Corp. 4A3NT0X0.11A.0003.P06 09/11/97

I couldn't see it on the list in the document link you provided, but am not sure if it's compatible or not....all a bit confusing!
Interestingly, that Belarc software showed that I have a 233 megahertz AMD K6-2 w/3DNow! processor, but it is in fact a 450.

  bremner 08:30 28 Aug 2004

It is reporting it as 233 MHz because the mobo's front side bus speed and /or multiplier is set lower than the processor requires.

The question is: Can the settings be adjusted to accommodate the AMD processor, and most important are the voltages compatable.

I will try and find details of the mobo.

  bremner 08:33 28 Aug 2004

click here for the Intel page with a pdf containing the technical specifications for the AN430TX

  Maineman 00:42 29 Aug 2004

Many thanks, the details specify the following
1.5 Microprocessor
The motherboard supports:
· Pentium processors operating at 90, 100, 120, 133, 150, 166, and 200 MHz
· Pentium processors with MMX technology operating at 166, and 200 MHz
An onboard voltage regulator derives the necessary voltage from the computer’s power supply and
enables use of standard or VRE-specified processors. The motherboard automatically detects the
type of processor (Pentium processor or Pentium processor with MMX technology).
So I guess 450mhz isn't going to work....I've never tried, and don't know how, to alter fsb speeds. Overclocking?

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