Processor Upgrade

  [email protected]#36 17:32 06 Nov 2004

I have an oldish PIII 450mhz processor. I would like to increase the speed of my PC. Is it as simple as just replacing the PIII processor with a faster one or do I need to worry about the motherboard etc.
All help greatfully received.

  Carpigiani 18:09 06 Nov 2004

You will need to find out which processors your motherboard supports.
If you post the motherboard make & model here someone will point you in the right direction.

  Dorsai 18:11 06 Nov 2004

Given the age of a PIII PC, you will almost certianly find that almost everything is too old to work with a new motherboard/CPU. The hard disks you could take with you, ditto cd rom and floppy drive. most everyting else (case/memory/PSU/Craphics card) probably wont transfer across.

It might be best to look into the option of buying a new base unit, and keeping your monitor, keyboard etc.

  [email protected]#36 17:44 08 Nov 2004

I have gone through all the paperwork that came with the PC back in April 1999. The only ref: to the motherboard being INTEL 450MHZ PENTIUM III PROCESSOR and INTEL 440BX CHIPSET.
Does this make any sense or do I need to open the box?

  Carpigiani 21:52 08 Nov 2004

The Belarc Advisor, which is a free download from click here should tell you which motherboard you have.
But as Dorsai advised, you will be very limited with any available upgrades to a system of this age.
How much RAM do you have? More SDRAM would be a relatively inexpensive way of getting the most from what you have.

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