Processor Upgrade

  A.J. 12:45 06 Jan 2004

I'm running a 1.1AMD Thunderbird chip on a ASUS A7V board. My question is how bigger chip can I upgrade to. ?

I'm looking at AMD Athlon XP2200 266FSB 256Cache Retail Boxed Inc Heatsink & Fan with 3year Warranty.

Is this to much for the board I have.

Thanks.. AJ

  Gongoozler 12:55 06 Jan 2004

It depends on which ASUS A7V you have. Have a look here click here

  A.J. 16:12 06 Jan 2004

Right let's try this...

Asus A7V/VIA KT133 (Which I believe is the chip set)
Do I need more info than this ?

I have SiSoft Sandra but all it says about the mothboard is ASUS TEK.

  A.J. 16:27 06 Jan 2004

OK I've taken the side of the case off to look at the board and all that's on it is
ASUS A7V rev1.02

Why so difficult to get the correct name of the board :-(

  Gongoozler 16:38 06 Jan 2004

Better than SANDRA is AIDA32 click here

The speed of Athlon you can use depends on the chipset and the version of BIOS. According to ASUS at the link I gave you above, your motherboard could be A7V133, A7V133-C,A7V133-M or A7V133-VM. Without a BIOS upgrade you can use up to Athlon 1333, but with later versions of BIOS you can go up to Athlon XP 2100+(Model 6)(Palomino)

  A.J. 19:22 06 Jan 2004

OK here's some info I've gained.
The computer is a TIME computer (UK) brand and is 3 years old.

Board.......... ASUS A7V REV 1.xx
chipset........ VIA KT133 REV 2
Southbridge.... VIA VT82C686

BRAND.... Award Software Inc
DATE...... 09/26/2000

How close to ID now :-)

Gongoozler Thanks for all your help, Much appreciated.

  Rayuk 19:34 06 Jan 2004

click here

Am afraid you are rather limited doesnt seem to be a worthwhile upgrade from what you have.

  Rayuk 19:36 06 Jan 2004

Sorry doesnt take you to the page I was looking at.1400GHz seems your top bet,that is if you can track one down

  accord 19:37 06 Jan 2004

looks like a new mobo, CPU and memory then

  A.J. 19:45 06 Jan 2004

accord, That's what I wanted to find out.
If I could at least double the chip speed to say 2Ghz then all well and done. But to upgrade to just 1.4Ghz isn't worth the bother and I'll save my cash till later in the year and jump to 3Ghz.

Cheers all for all your help.

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