Processor Temperature

  Tatiana 19:23 25 Oct 2003

My PC has recently started "freezing" randomly. I know this is a trait of Windows 98SE, but it didn't always behave in this fashion. I have tried a complete format and re-install, with no improvement. The "freezing" seems most prominent when on the internet, but can occur when not connected to the net - even just when the PC is sitting with only the desktop running. I believe my modem is basically a winmodem (Zoom 56K PCI), I thought it may be my Celeron 1.2Ghz processor failing (due to increased procesor activity when on the internet). I have interrogatd the Processor temperature using both the BIOS and SiSoft Sandra, and it seems to be around 46 deg C when it fails. Is this excesive? I'm using the Intel supplied heatsink and fan.

  AMD_MAN23 20:42 26 Oct 2003

Thats temp is fine and should not cause any problems, which means the problem is due to other factor, Try just having the cpu, ram, hard disk drive and video card installed and see if it does it then and as you are not going to have a modem in it so run a benchmarking software to heat up everything then if nothing happens try plugging in the rest of the components one by one (trial and error).


  A_World_Maker 20:56 26 Oct 2003

have you checked that ALL the cooling fans are working?
When I had this intermitent problem some years ago, I took out all the cards and memory chips and rubbed a rubber along the contacts and reseated them. That did it for me. Heat creepage and connector oxidation, can cause intermitent problems, but not always.

  Tatiana 17:03 07 Nov 2003

Thanks for the ideas. So far, I've taken the DIMMs out of slots 1 & 2. I then ran the machine for a while with 1 DIMM in slot 3, the CPU, hard disk and video card. I also removed the CPU cooling fan and added some heatsink compound (I wasn't convinced that the black stuff supplied on the heatsink by Intel was good enough!). As that appeared stable, I added the modem (as the problem was most prevalent during internet use). That was OK. Adding the soundcard was also OK. I then put the second DIMM into slot 2 and it was still OK. Only when I installed the network card (I have 3 PC's in the house on a LAN using a 4 port hub) did the fault occur. I removed the network card again, and all was OK. I've now re-installed the network card in a different slot, and so far it seems OK. When I'm convinced all is 100%, I'll post another message - but it seems OK so far. Thanks again for your help.

  Tatiana 18:15 06 Dec 2003

Re-installing the network card in a different slot still resulted in freeze ups. Finally I swapped the network card in the main PC with one from one of the client PC's (which meant that both client PC's had the same type of network card fitted). After the network was re-established, all problems have vanished. No freeze ups so far - and there has been extensive internet use.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

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