Processor speeds

  staples printer cartridge 10:02 05 Sep 2004

I'm a bit behind the times. A few years ago a reasonable comparison could be made between a pentium 1GHz processor and an Athlon 1GHz processor. Nowadays we have pentium 3.2GHz but we have Athlon 3200+. What processor speeds should you expect from the Athlon? Are they equivalent?

  staples printer cartridge 10:11 05 Sep 2004

Thanks, so are you telling me that there is no point upgrading from an Athlon 1.4 to the 3200? I have done it, becasue I wanted to have a go at upgrading, but would like to know anyway.


  staples printer cartridge 18:49 05 Sep 2004

that's cleared a lot up for me.

  bremner 19:14 05 Sep 2004

I can not understand why it would have taken 4 hours?

I had an XP 2000+ with 512MB of PC2100.

To create a DVD (4.3GB) - Using Pinnacle Studio v8 - Capturing as an AVI from digital camcorder - editing and saving to mpeg - then creating it as and burning it to DVD, using Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2 would take about 2 hours all in.

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