Processor speed upgrade

  coolteentom 13:29 29 Aug 2004


I have got a VERY slow PC: 366 MHz PII 64mb RAM.

I am looking to upgrade the processor. What sort of price should I be looking at for about 2 GHz? Also, will it be easy to install, and will I need to upgrade RAM etc. to cope with the faster processor speed?

Can anyone recommend a good processor for quite cheap (I don't want to buy a P4 as they seem too expensive.)

Thanks in advance


  cga 13:35 29 Aug 2004

The first thing to think about with a processor of that generation is the mobo. It is probably an AT mobo rather than ATX and this will limit what you can put in it. (The mobo will set limits anyway).

You can check this out because the AT mobos had a physical on/off switch where as the ATX had the switch via a Mobo relay.

If you have an AT Mobo then you cannot change this without the case and PSU as well.

  coolteentom 09:34 30 Aug 2004

I am pretty sure that the motherboard will be an the old AT, but I barely know anything about motherboards, and am not sure what you mean the motherboard relay switch etc.

The mobo is an 'AuthenticAMD' AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor. Is it possible to tell from that?

thx, tom

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:01 30 Aug 2004

From what you have describe Idon't think you will be able to fit a 2G cpu but run this

Belarc advisor click here

it will give you all the info of what is fitted MOBO CPU Memory etc.

Then Post back here with the info for more advice

  bremner 10:12 30 Aug 2004

Your current set up will not be upgradable beyond about 500Mhz.

The reality is (unfortunately) to acheive what you want will mean new:


and possibly case.

Of course all of this will depend on your budget. It may be that an entirely new machine will be the most cost effective solution.

  cga 10:18 30 Aug 2004

Original PC's (with AT motherboards) had a PSU with cables that went to a (power on/off) switch on the front of the processor.

With ATX mobo (and the compatible PSU's) the front switch is connected to the mobo (not the PSU) and the mobo controls the switch on/off (either from the switch or the OS).

The ATX mobos are also a different size to the AT mobo's needing a case change to switch.

All this only tells you how much to change because there are a number of other factors that control the processor you can use in any mobo - even ATX.

Factors are:

- Bus speed

- Pin form

- Supported Clock Speed

Processors of the speed you are talking about (2Mhz) will certainly need a mobo swap - just warning you that other things will need to change also.

  coolteentom 10:29 30 Aug 2004


367 megahertz AMD K6-2 w/3DNow!
16 kilobyte primary memory cache

Main Circuit Board-

Board: MSI INC. MSI5179 VER:1.0
Bus Clock: 66 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends, Inc. 0626 07/15/95

It definitely sounds that the best option is to buy a new base unit...

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