Processor speed incorrect after installing WinXP

  barrie1775 14:28 02 Jan 2006

I have just had to do some work on my oldish Compaq Presario 7477. The PSU died taking the hard drive with it. Replaced both items and upgraded from Win98se to WinXP at the same time.
My problem now is original processor spec was 533Mhz now running at 374Mhz. I have upgraded the bios with what I beleive to be the latest version ( Not convinced !! )from Compaq (HP) but speed reported in DXDIAG, MSINFO32 and BIOS is 374Mhz.
Going into BIOS it wont let me change any clock speeds etc as the options are not there.
No jumper settings have been changed.

Any ideas anyone??

Compaq Presario 7477
Mobo = 0648h
BIOS = 686S4 v2.1 25/07/2000
HD =40Gb Mextor
Memory = 320Mb pc133

  dms05 14:42 02 Jan 2006

I had a similar problem, when installing XP (to replace W98) on an old 300MHz Toshiba Satellite. Every tool (including XP) reported the CPU to be 150MHz.

After a few days they all then reported 300MHz - without any action on my part. The doubling of CPU speed made no difference to the performance, it was still very slow compared to W98.

I've assumed the latest report to be correct but can't explain the reports immediately after installing XP.

  barrie1775 14:48 02 Jan 2006

Thanks dms05,
I have had this running for a week or so now and the speed seems constant at 374Mhz.
I keep checking!!!
May go back to Win98.

  barrie1775 14:50 02 Jan 2006

I've heard that Compaq like you to use their own parts when changing anything. Could the PSU be the problem as it was a cheap one from ebuyer to get me going again.

  barrie1775 21:04 07 Jan 2006

I have manually adjusted all of the Jumper settings and got it to run at 500Mhz.Not perfect but better than it was before. Thanks to all those who left feedback and advise.

  old_git 21:11 07 Jan 2006

It should run at 533Mhz according to this click here

What fsb and multiplier have you set at?

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