Processor Speed, Correct?

  [DELETED] 13:02 18 Oct 2003

After getting my first laptop yesterday(Acer 1352XC, 20GB AMD XP-M 2200+, 256MB RAm etc)I right clicked myComputer to check properties and the first tab shows Up giving my system info. It says I've got a 2200+ installed(correct) but then underneath it says 350MHz(incorrect?) On my desktop PC which has an AMD XP1800+ it states that processor and then 1.54Ghz which is its sped. Thus I was expecting to see 1.8Ghz on my laptop. Any ideas? Thanks

  [DELETED] 13:58 18 Oct 2003

No takers?

  woodchip 14:01 18 Oct 2003

Does it work fast? if so what does numbers matter

  [DELETED] 14:14 18 Oct 2003

I don think it works as fast as it should do. Numbers are quite important when you've paid for them. I just need to know if my laptop is running at its full capability

  [DELETED] 14:16 18 Oct 2003

Just noticed the numbers keep chaning, it started off with 350Mhz eariler, then i checked 10 mins ago and it showed 700 and something MHz, now its dropped to 469MHz.

  [DELETED] 14:17 18 Oct 2003

Now back to 739MHz. Hmmmmmm

  woodchip 14:18 18 Oct 2003

If it's a Speed Step XP palomino, it?s speed changes with load Hence 350MHz when it's not working. That's about all I can think of, it's to save battery power

  [DELETED] 14:19 18 Oct 2003

Try Belarc click here or Aida click here and see what they say.

  [DELETED] 14:33 18 Oct 2003

I'll try Belarc, I already got AIDA going but it wont tell me anything bout the computer, no info bout processor or temperatures etc.

  [DELETED] 14:36 18 Oct 2003

Belarc has come up with the processor being 800Mhz.

  woodchip 14:43 18 Oct 2003

As above it's a Palomino XP. If you put some load on it, it will shift up a gear. You could not have much better CPU. Mine is one in a Desktop it?s a 1600xp palomino that I have run without any probs for a fortnight at 1900xp

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