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Processor speed comparison 2 laptops

  john bunyan 12:24 13 Jul 2019

Helping a young adult granddaughter to buy a laptop. Price limit £600, she likes HP. 2 front runners : HP Ck050sa, HP14cf1599sa. Both 14in screen, 250gig SSD and 8gig RAM. A has Intel 7i 7500u and B has Intel 5i 8265U. Question: B is 8th gen i5, A is 7th generation i7. Is there much net difference? Am inclined to the latter 5i. She is not a gamer, just normal use.

  wee eddie 12:47 13 Jul 2019

Both will do the business. Check the Screen, to me that would be my primary concern.

  john bunyan 13:01 13 Jul 2019

*wee eddie *

Thanks. As usual one can never get 2 new laptops side by side in store. These two have same size screens from HP, and use native video chips. I wii try to find net processor speeds to compare

  john bunyan 13:08 13 Jul 2019

Here is a comparison; not sure but the later 5i seems to have the edge

7i vs 5i

  john bunyan 18:17 13 Jul 2019

If no further suggestions I’ll close the thread; Probably go with the 8th generation 5i

  x13 19:35 13 Jul 2019

I agree for the i5 but 14" screen a bit too small for me. They have the advantage of being a bit more portable though in terms of weight and size.

  john bunyan 20:44 13 Jul 2019


I agree but she spends a lot of time travelling, and to watch a DVD film she could use mirror or hdmi to hook up to a tv. Will double check with her as her failing one is 15.5 in; new one would be less than 1.5 kg, about 1 kg less than old one. She’s at some meditation course near Hereford next week ( waste of her Masters degree in my view) but there you go

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