Processor speed

  Sobeit 20:04 20 May 2006

Hi all.
I am testing my nephews amd processor in my mobo as I think his is giving up.
His processor is running fine on my mobo so it looks like I have isolated the problem.
Thing is, when I run dxdiag it shows the processor as a athlon 1600+ running at 1400mhz.
He thought it was a 2400+.
If I change the clock speed jumpers to up the mhz speed will it still show as a 1600+?
ie, if it shows AMD xp 1600+ in dxdiag, is that what the processor is and thats that?

  ed-0 20:13 20 May 2006

Run everest home click here

This should give you the model number ( full speed ) of the cpu and the speed it is now running at.

  Sobeit 20:33 20 May 2006

Thanks ed-0.
Everest says
CPU Type AMD Athlon XP, 1400 MHz (10.5 x 133) 1600+
Now i'm confused.
It's saying it is a
AthlonXP 1600+ which has a 266fsb, yet it says it is running at 10.5 x 133??
My jumpers for the clock speed are set at 10.5 but if a athlon 1600+ has a 266 bus speed why is it showing 133?

  ed-0 20:49 20 May 2006

" if a athlon 1600+ has a 266 bus speed why is it showing 133? "

Thats fine. The motherboard doubles it to 266Mhz. This is normal.

Then it must be a 1600+ you have. ;-(

I can't see how your son would think it was a 2400+

The only thing worth investigating would be the motherboard manual. When you ran everest, did you note the make and model of the motherboard.

  remind 20:54 20 May 2006

check the cpu id numbers here click here

  Sobeit 10:12 21 May 2006

Hi both.
Checked the site remind, the cpu has 2400 on it.
Also, Everest says the chipset is a Thoroughbred and this site says a 1600 is Palamino?
So, we've established that it is running at 266MHz, my mobo is set to auto detect the fsb so that is sorted.
A 2400 is meant to run at 2000MHz real, so, if I change the clock ratio from 10.5x to 15x, this will bring it up to speed. Will this also change the id of the cpu in dxdiag and EVEREST?
I must be a bit careful here if it really IS a 1600 and I overclock so much.
On the other hand how can it be a 1600 if it isn't Palamino??
WOW, i'm gonna explode :-)

  ed-0 19:38 21 May 2006

Do you mean the cpu has the 2400+ code numbers? AXDA2400

Can you post them here.

  Totally-braindead 19:58 21 May 2006

I would suggest posting the full numbers off the chip as ed-0 has suggested. If it is a 2400 then perhaps you can also post the motherboards name and number and the BIOS number as it is possible the reason it thinks its a 1600+ is the motherboard doesn't recognise it and there may be a BIOS update to address this problem.

  Stuartli 20:03 21 May 2006

Full specifications etc for Athlons up to the XP Barton 3200+ can be found at:

click here

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