Processor socket ?

  [DELETED] 18:22 03 Nov 2003

I am thinking of buying a new processor for my computer. My mainboard will support up to Althon XP 2000+. Does this include the Palermo. The most confusing thing is that on the front of my mainboard manual it is called a Socket A mainboard, but in the manual it says that the mainboard has a Socket 462 processor socket. Can anybody please enlighten me.

  alan 2273 18:44 03 Nov 2003

Socket A is also socket 462, the 462 refers to the number of pins on the amd processor, from memory pentium processors are 478 pins.

  [DELETED] 18:49 03 Nov 2003

Your board maybe able to handle more if you flash the bios.

Be very careful if you do it and fully understand what you are doing. Making a mistake can render you MB useless...but it can also be a good thing.

I have flashed a few Bios's with no problems and ASUS MB's make it even easier by doing it for you.

Anyway...just an idea incase you want more than 2000xp (1.6ghz).

  alan 2273 18:56 03 Nov 2003

Forgot to say try this link click here=|+language%3Aen&ct=1325960345&qm=1&ql=&lk=1&rf=0&ws=1&tqmhak=0&lap=en

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