processor problem???

  jappslap 12:11 22 Aug 2007

i have a problem with my pc running very, very, veeerrrryy slowly.
it is freezing and crashing all too frequently.
i have made no changes to it in any way, my security program (steganos internet security 2007) reports no problems, i have de-cluttered and defraged, ran regclean and any other thing i could think of but still no change.
i have noticed on windows task manager that the CPU usage is constantly at 100%, even when closing down as many programs as i can.
i have checked it against my laptop and that is varying usage between 3% and 30% most of the time.
is this significant? and if so what does it mean?
any advise would be a great help as i will have no hair left soon.....


  Kate B 12:12 22 Aug 2007

sounds like spyware hogging the processor - have you scanned with all the usual malware apps?

Also, freezing can be an overheating problem - are all your fans working properly?

  jappslap 12:21 22 Aug 2007

i think all fans are ok. i am running spyware scan now but with it running so slow it may take some time. steganos is pro-active defence so i would have expected it to pick up spyware, etc.

  jappslap 17:27 22 Aug 2007

fans working fine and says i have no adware/spyware????????? have just cleaned out case and removed dust,etc. temp seems fine.
am at a loss.

  [email protected] 18:05 22 Aug 2007

what process is using the cpu? task manager will tell you, look under processes on task manager and google the process that's using your resources.

  jappslap 18:34 22 Aug 2007


does the figure given under CPU in task manager relate to the percentage the process is using?
if so it shows that system is using 99 most of the time and avp.exe is using afew percent everynow and then.

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