processor overheating

  cass27 18:35 28 May 2003

I have recently built a new computor which houses a n Amd XP2100 processor. Little bit worried because once when I restarted the computer I noticed the the heat of the processor had gone up to 62 degrees. I had had the computer on for about three hours . working on it for about an hour and playing soldier of fortune for an hour. Is there a average heat it should remain at? Is there adevice in windows XP which will track this? Is one fan on my computer enough? Any other way help if it is over heating?

  STEVE71163 18:48 28 May 2003

I have an amd xp2000 and it is 51c processor and 31c m/b this afternoon but its very warm in here. I keep an eye on the temperature with h monitor avaliable from click here which sits in the toolbar giving you a constant read out. Also you might find an exhaust fan at the back near the cpu would help. It took about 4c off of my temperatures. Hope this helps!

  Diemmess 18:50 28 May 2003

A fairly blunt approach I'm afraid.

Suggest laying the brute as bare as you can (cover off etc.)

Then check your temperature after a good spell of running. If it is appreciably cooler you can look to better case cooling.

BUT I undestand the Athlon range do run hotter than many, and am afraid I know no figures to say what is the safe limit.

I assume the CPU fan appears to be up to speed and doesn't produce chattering, stumbling noises?

  STEVE71163 18:54 28 May 2003

Amd say they are alright up to about 90c but i would not want mine anywhere near that but i would not worry at 62c i would just prefer to have it a bit lower. :0)

  woodchip 18:56 28 May 2003

You should be able to set the CMOS setup to turn the computer of if the CPU goes above a certain temp. Set mine to about 75c but it's a 1600XP running at 1700XP temp for CPU about 35c just one fan plus PSU fan

  caast ©™ 18:58 28 May 2003

Do you have any case fans, I have six keeping the full tower insides cooler just make sure at least one of them is blowing out of the case. If you have midi should get away with a couple, one blowing in and one out, they only cost £2/3 pounds from computer fairs. I know you will probably have a decent cpu fan with good heatsink but just in case there are some very good ones to be found at the fairs if you are prepared to spend a little more.

  cass27 19:09 28 May 2003

Thanks, I will try the temp guage in my tool bar Steve. Its nice to know its not at least going to pop its clogs at 62 degrees. the case is a bit bigger than a midi so putting in another fan will do no harm. I have had the side off before for long periods and the heat is more stable so perhaps it does make sense.

Thanks all, hopefully I can return favour sometime

  woodchip 19:17 28 May 2003

Put the fan to pull air out near or at the back of comp

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