Processor and Memory upgrade

  MS35 18:56 28 Feb 2008

I'm running an Athlon XP1800 socket A on a Jetway motherboard with 266FSB. Can I upgrade the processor to any socket A, even if it has 333Mhz e.g XP2700 or am I limited to the XP2400 266mhz?

and similarly

Crucial websites scanning confirms that the motherboard can take 2x1gb 184 pin DDR PC2700, 3200 or 4000, but this also seems to come with the numbers 266 or 333? can i install the 333 even if it doesn't run at it's full capacity?

The higher mhz hardware seems to be cheaper in both cases.


  GaT7 19:17 28 Feb 2008

What's the Jetway motherboard's model number?

"can i install the 333 even if it doesn't run at it's full capacity?" - yes, not a problem.

Where are you getting the upgrades from may I ask? G

  woodchip 19:24 28 Feb 2008

CPU socket limits what you can fit as does BIOS

  Quiller. 19:32 28 Feb 2008

'Can I upgrade the processor to any socket A, even if it has 333Mhz'

As long as the Manufacturing process of the chip is 0.18micron. Don't go for a 0.13micron, they wont work.

  MS35 19:36 28 Feb 2008

Jetway V266B.

Thanks re RAM confirmation

And, looking round on ebay at present. Any other suggestions welcome.

I just want to see if i can do a quick update ahead of moving to XP so I can take advantage of Office 2007 and BBC iplayer downloads which won't run on Win2kProf.

  PC Bilbo 19:36 28 Feb 2008

Unfortunately you don't give the motherboard model can't confirm if XP2700+ will work.

Regarding RAM, the DDR4000 is usually for high performance set-ups. The DDR400(PC3200) is backward compatible with DDR333(PC2700)and is same price.

The DDR figure refers to the supported standard FSB frequency whilst the PC figure refers to the bandwidth in GB's so PC3200 = 3.2GB bandwidth.

If your Mobo only supports FSB 266MHz you will have more headroom for same price so this is better option to go for if you upgrade RAM.

  MS35 19:39 28 Feb 2008


  GaT7 19:50 28 Feb 2008

Bit confusing on the Jetway site, but this is what I was able to find out....

You have the model number. Now determine PCB, BOM and BIOS revision click here

Seems like if you have a PCB Rev of 3.0, BIOS version of A11 & BOM version of 02, the max it'll take is an AthlonXP 2600+ - from click here

Let someone else confirm this though. G

  GaT7 20:02 28 Feb 2008

According to another website click here, a Rev3.0/BIOS A11/BOM2 V266B board will only support this particular Athlon 2600+ click here - with AMD part number AXDA2600DKV3C (has a 0.13 micron copper process, btw). G

  woodchip 20:04 28 Feb 2008

Jetway made by PCchips

  woodchip 20:06 28 Feb 2008

PS it may work out cheaper and better to buy a Motherboard & CPU

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