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  Kypros 14:28 17 Aug 2003

I have a W98 computer with an Asrock K7VT2 motherboard which has the following spec:

CPU: Supports Socket A (462 pins) for AMD Athlon/Athlon XP/Duron processor.

Chipsets: Northbridge: VIAKT266A; [email protected]/266Mhz, AGP 4X Southbridge: Supports USB 2.0, ATA 133

Clock Generator: 100Mhz-200Mhz
Memory 2 slots for DDR: DIMM1 and DIMM2(PC1600/PC2100), Max 2Gb

I intend to upgrade to 512Mb from my present 264Mb RAM and upgrade my processor which is at present a Duron 1100.
According to Simply Computers sales magazine, all the Athlon processors from 2500 and upward are 333Mhz. It doesn't say what the 1800 to 2400 ones are.

Can anyone tell me what is the maximum processor I can put into my computer without changing the motherboard. I want the computer to go a lot faster than it is now, but I'm not sure how to achieve it.


  Jomi 14:40 17 Aug 2003

I think you'll find that the best processor you can use without a motherboard change will be the AMD 2400 which has a fsb of 266mhz.
An AMD CPU higher than this will have an FSB 333mhz (as you already pointed out). Your PC will only run as fast as the slowest pipeline which in your case is the motherboard at 266mhz.

hope that helps.


Download the manual from Asrock and read it.
always a good idea beforeyou commence any upgrade.

  tamc98 14:42 17 Aug 2003

The lower end Athlon Xp (thoroughbred) processors have a 266Mhz FSB. So if your figures are correct then an Athlon 2400Xp is the highest you can go with that mobo'.
An Athlon will also use faster pc2100 memory where as your Duron uses pc1600. Check which you already have. If you have pc1600 at the minute you'll need to replace that aswell as buying another 256mb of pc2100.
THT. Tony

  Kypros 14:49 17 Aug 2003

How do I check out the memory speed?

  DieSse 15:06 17 Aug 2003

It isn't necessary to replace your RAM - but it will enhance performance a bit if it is the slower type

Download AIDA32 for a good rundown on all your system details click here

  Rayuk 15:30 17 Aug 2003

With the latest bios will take AthlonXP 2600+ 266fsb although these are hard to come by.

  Rose 17:59 17 Aug 2003

Built a system the other day using this motherboard. The best combination to use is the Athlon 2400+ which has an FSB of 266MHz and 512MBs of PC2100 DDR RAM. I tried using my existing PC133 SDRAM with the 2400+ CPU but the system crashed constantly. Upgrading the RAM to PC2100 DDR RAM did the trick and the system now runs like a dream. This is an easy board to work on, the trick is to get the right combination of CPU and memory. Have fun, hope you will be pleased with the result.

  Kypros 18:59 17 Aug 2003

Thank you for that. I will upgrade as you say by putting in 512mb PC2100 DDR RAM and get an Athlon 2400+ CPU. I had thought to get a new mobo and use DDR400 PC3200 Ram with an Athlon 2600, but it would involve considerable extra cost. I have no idea how much faster that option would have been.
Incidentally, I have an nvidia MX440 graphics card but I can't run Myst III: Exile cos it constantly ends up crawling along.
I've no idea why.

  Kypros 10:24 18 Aug 2003

I've been told that Windows 98 (and all 9x systems) will not benefit much from the 512MB memory because it can't use it efficiently. I have been offered a Windows 2000 Pro upgrade. (similar to Windows NT apparently)
I had wanted to upgrade to XP eventually but I've been told that half my drivers wouldn't work and I'd need to buy a new scanner as that wouldn't work with XP either.
Now I'm in a real dilemma with little or no expert opinion or advice.
Can anyone help out here?

By the way, Tony, I've no probs with swapping out the memory, my partner can use it in his computer.
Excuse my dim witted ignorance, but what's THT?

  Rayuk 17:11 18 Aug 2003

Win98 will work fine with 512Mb ram its only above this where it may affect your system.
Wait till you are ready to change your scanner then have another think about XP then.

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