Processor Install

  Godsense 14:48 23 Dec 2003

Rite, so ive installed the processor, and im at the stage were im putting the heatsink/fan unit on.

The bottom of the heatsink has a thermal pad, bt ive been recommended to use thermal paste aswel.

Can you leave the pad on and apply thermal paste or do you need to remove the themal pad and just use paste?

Also my case allows for the temp of the processor to be monitered were do i need to place the probe?


  Legolas 14:55 23 Dec 2003

You are better to very carefully remove the pad from the bottom of the heatsink then apply the thermal paste. Not sure about the probe sorry.

  Diemmess 15:05 23 Dec 2003

Do as Legolas said with the pad, but use the least amount of thermal paste that will give the best metal to metal contact with only the micro sized gaps filled with paste.

Not familiar with the heat sensor but assume you can park it somehow at the edge of the base of the heat sink, making the best contact you can without compromising the heatsink-CPU contact. There isn't a convenient small hole in the heatsink is there like a mini-oven for the sensor?

I imagine that the reading you get first can be useful as a guideline and need only worry if you see a sharp increase in temperature some day in future

  rickf 16:18 23 Dec 2003

Stick the sensor on the heatsink, to the side. Its does give a fairly accurate reading.In my opinion, if its a P4 CPU just use the pad. One advantage of this is that when it comes to upgrading, the CPU will separate from the H/S more easily than using thermal paste which hardens over time.

  Rennaissance 18:14 23 Dec 2003

'Recommended Thermal Paste' To be honest, i wouldn't bother using thermal paste as the pad will do just fine. Built my system 2 months ago and i have had no problems, temp is constant, not low but average.

  Jester2K 18:16 23 Dec 2003

If its got a pad, stick (no pun) to it. Easier and less risking than messing with paste...

  Mysticnas 18:45 23 Dec 2003

decide to take off the pad and use paste, you'll have to clean off the sticky muck from the bottom of the heatsink. use a strong alcohol based cleaner. White spirit/turpintine or summat will do just fine.


  Jester2K 19:24 23 Dec 2003

Pure Isopropanol from the Chemist if you don't want to leave oils from White Spirit / Turps over the die (which you don't)

  Mysticnas 19:44 23 Dec 2003

i've used white spirit, and it's fine. Didn't seem to leave any visible traces of oil.

I've overclocked my P4 2.4 to nearly 3Ghz and temp at load is 42C....

so i assume it should be fine!

  Mysticnas 19:46 23 Dec 2003

:oP to you Jester! tee hee!!!

  hugh-265156 20:20 23 Dec 2003

oil from turps etc sinks into the pores on the heatsink.isopropanol evaporates completely.

for normal non overclocking users though it wont hamper performance anyway noticeable so long as its fitting flush with something in between the cpu and H/S.

strawberry jam is good lol!

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