Processor help for new pc & pc makes & specs

  User-EE0C1F23-8F54-41B0-B9F9EE9315B3BC52 14:58 02 Nov 2008


Any ideas what processot I should be going for in a bottom end pc under £400?

Want pc for general internet surfing, e-mail, photo storage etc.

Any idea what processor / specification I need to go for?

Also what makes are good and what makes should I avoid.


  skidzy 15:21 02 Nov 2008

So your looking for a pc under £400 ?
Does this include a monitor ?

First one,excellent value but no monitor click here

Yes need the full package if possible with monitor

Is this any good for my requirements?

click here=

Or am I better going for a lap top? I already have a work lap top which is wiith me at all times.

Something like this?

click here=

This pc will be used at home for internet, e-mail, Skype calls, Yahoo Messenger, storing photos.

Are the above two any good for this?

  skidzy 15:59 02 Nov 2008

I would not advise anyone to buy a Celeron cpu,especially as core2duo is relatively cheap now.

here with a monitor click here or better still if you can stretch your budget the next one along.

Thanks are Dell good then?

What do the numbers after the processor mean???

Sorry so many questions!

  skidzy 16:19 02 Nov 2008

The numbers you see are basically speed and memory cache of the cpu for quicker loading of programs etc,thats the quick version of it or click here

And i certainly would recommend Dell,never had a problem to date.

Any other views please?

Any more info??? Thank you.

  Darthchaffinch 13:48 04 Nov 2008

We've been extremely happy with our Dell 5150, although they are hard to upgrade in certain areas by all accounts (eg PSU) due mainly to the case (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
Next I'm going to do my first build so I can upgrade more easily next time!

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