processor and fan help needed

  wooster007 12:13 26 Jul 2003

I have just upgraded my duron 800 mhz processor to a 1.3ghz is it recommended that i change my fan aswell or should the one already in my pc be ok?


  Mastermind 12:15 26 Jul 2003

I'd change the Heatsink/Fan as well just to be on the safe side.

  wooster007 12:18 26 Jul 2003


it seems to be running quite slow at the momment could that be any thing to do with the heatsink?

and what type of heatsink would you recommend?


  BillEmm 13:14 26 Jul 2003

What is running slow? The CPU? The fan? The PC?

The 1300MHz Duron need more cooling as it uses more power thus creates more heat. The 800 will use somewhere in the region of 30 - 40 watts while the 1300 rampages at 45 - 60 watts.

Therefore you need a new cooler combination. The AKASA AK-785CU for example. It all depends on what your requirements are.

Be sure your PSU can cope with the extra power requirement.


  -pops- 13:20 26 Jul 2003

Is this an extension to your other thread click here ?

If it is then I still stick with my first recommendations to consult with the manufaturers of the processor. After all, it's their unit, they should know best about it.


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