Processor Error??

  [email protected] 08:18 13 Oct 2005


I have an AMD XP2100+ CPU installed in my system and for the last year or so everything had been fine.
Recently the system has slowed and I have been thinking of making a complete clean install of XP.

However I have now noticed that in both the BIOS and Hardware Manager that they are reporting that I have an XP1500+.

Can someone explain why this has happened or how to resolve?
Is the CPU faulty?

Any advise would be welcomed

  Magic Hobo 09:09 13 Oct 2005


  akzah 09:13 13 Oct 2005

Seems like you have the incorrect fsb speed or are you sure it does not say 1.5 Ghz rather than 1500+

  MAJ 09:20 13 Oct 2005

That's not quite correct, akzah.

It's the multiplier that seems to be wrong. On an XP 1500+ the multiplier is set to 10x with an FSB of 133, giving a speed of 1333 MHz. The XP 2100+ should have the multiplier set at 13x with an FSB of 133 to give a speed of 1733 MHz.

  MAJ 09:25 13 Oct 2005

make sure that your processor actually **is** an XP 2100+ before trying to change the multiplier. To that end, download and run CPU-Z from here. click here

  [email protected] 11:56 13 Oct 2005


Yes the CPU is XP2100+, it has always shown this in Bios, hardware manager running at around 1733Mhz.
Now its shows as XP1500+ running at 1300Mhz.

How do I check and change the FSB?
I know a bit about the multiplier, voltages etc, but never changed them before.

Thanks chaps.


  gudgulf 12:14 13 Oct 2005

Looks like your FSB has slipped back to 100MHZ (100 x13 =1300MHz).I think the multiplier is ok if it at 13 as per Maj's post.

You need to boot into the BIOS and look through the menus until you find the cpu FSB settings.....change it to 133MHZ.

You don't say what memory you have but check the setting for that too.

If you have a manual for the motherboard that will fully explain how to set up the BIOS.

  [email protected] 12:58 13 Oct 2005


Thanks all for your support.

Checked BIOS, multiplier was set to 100, not sure how this changed as I never go into it.

Have checked using CPU-Z and everything else seems in order, now registered as XP2100 at 1733Mhz.

Oh well, just bought new XP2700 CPU as a panick backup in case it died, nice little upgrade to go with my new memory.

All i need to do now is fix XP.

Cheers all again.


  woodchip 14:02 13 Oct 2005

Yes as Above it happend to me recsent, the FSB in BIOS as droped from 133 to 100 it needs resetting my CPU is a AMD 2.2 XP+

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