processor [CPU] upgrading

  flat 16:55 22 Sep 2003

I installed a new CPU and received a verbal warning "please clear CMOS setting". Whilst this action seems relatively easy to do what worries me is what happens after!
Will I need to enter BIOS and reset CMOS? or will it sort itself out.
(old CPU replaced - all OK)
Soltek mb type 75kv

  Diemmess 17:57 22 Sep 2003

No one seems interested, I have a solteck mobo which is younger than the CPU. ...... Obviuously when the motherboard came alive the BIOS was there accepting whatever it found.

I can't believe there will be any irreversible difficulty. At worst it will return to defaults and then you will have to make sure any settings apply to the new PSU............. I assume the motherboard can accept a faster CPU. It might be necessary to download the latest BIOS settings, and be prepared to update the BIOS, but that is par-for-the-course, with some top edge upgrades.

If it is worth the trouble you might make pencil jottings of the any tweaking of other features you did before you changed changed PSU.

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